The American Junta of 2016

Hidden Juntas are not new, to some extent they are integral part of democracies and republics. Military or Social juntas are more violent form of governments, but have similar components with hidden “democratic” Juntas.

Establishment Manipulation and Quid-Pro-Quo in the 21st Century

Connecting the dots of the 2016 election fallout we can arrive to the conclusion that America of 2016 and before was run by an hidden junta. Hidden Juntas are not new, to some extent they are integral part of democracies and republics. Military or Social juntas are more violent form of governments, but have similar components with hidden “democratic” Juntas. Those similarities may include rhetoric, propaganda, smear campaigns, conspiracy schemes, judicial traps, enrichment of the ruling class, persecution-prosecution and similar schemes for removal of threat and opponents.

For some people, hidden Junta realm is the only viable form for republics and democracies to operate efficiently and benefit the state. For others, this form is unconstitutional and overruns people rights, liberty, freedom of choice and property. There is a dynamic thin line which fluctuates and depends on how intrusive and sinister the Junta operation is.

From one perspective, hidden Juntas might serve for cutting red tape and uniform effective decision making, but from the other hand their cover-ups, inner deals and actions benefit the Elites by exploitation of the masses and overrunning liberties which are part of the constitution guidelines. In many cases Hidden Juntas use Manchurian candidate(s) which they “own” as a façade. With time those candidates may overturn and dominate the Junta or be leaders of the establishment, probably like what was the case with Teddy Roosevelt.

Every “Manchurian candidate” that is part of the junta can turn out to be the head of the Establishment. This is what happened with Stalin that was a Lenin appointee in the Bolshevik junta and turned out to be the head of the Junta by subversion, extermination and “elbow pushing”.

Some politicians and lobbyists own other politicians decisions because of a business history or because they have extortionist material to control them. The conduit for directing government actions or puppet voting of lawmakers, artificial investigation, oversight cover-ups and power of the purse actions is done by “in corridors” communications made by law firms envoys, lobbyists or appointed bureaucrats that control daily agenda, policies and actions.

Senate minority leader Schumer implied that the president should abide to the Junta arm in the intelligence community, ignoring the fact that the community should work for the president and not vice-versa, because they were not elected.

“Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,”

As disclosed by Joe DiGenova DNC and Obama administration members used FBI, NSA and DNI resources, informants, databases and technologies through contractors and other means to spy on GOP members for at least 4 years with fake FISA warrants or without. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because if this is has just been discovered there is plenty more that the American Junta is hiding. So me observers deduct that the Nixon Watergate scandal was a cover-up of the DNC spying on the GOP as the Mueller Report is used to cover the 21th spying scheme. Probably, this is one of the reasons the Mueller team is going after Roger Stone which is a Nixon supporter.

Probably, judges and members of the establishment will try to sweep it away with the argument that opening this Pandora box of indicting the FBI and DOJ people who are responsible for it will threaten the strength and mythologies of the intelligence community. What really weakens the intelligence community is that the establishment is making those people untouchable and they will continue in this treason and misuse American Taxpayers funds if they don’t find themselves behind bars. If the will not be accountable for weaponizing the intelligence community resources for political reasons it is also weakening the trust on the intelligence community and the belief that the constitution can protect civil un-alienated tights..

If Fusion GPS or another individual is part of the entities that colluded with one of the four contractors that the FBI used to spy on Republicans and circumvent the fourth amendment, history will tell us that the Establishment will try to protect them. Some DOJ lawyer will come up and mention that they can’t disclose this information because they are privileged or immune informants or it is an ongoing investigation or it is under the protection of FBI methodologies and so on. It is the same as when they gave immunity to the people who destroyed emails and devices on behalf of HRC, which shows that the system gives immunity to the wrong people to collude in a cover-up operations. Insurance policies and custody of evidence and priorities prejudgment are all over the place for the Junta.

The use of contractors by the FBI to circumvent the 4th amendmentt

The 2012-2017 Junta got directives from the DNC apparatus through lawyers and oligarchs that coordinated policies and government actions which alienated the government decision making and agenda. Elected politicians can act for the Junta or be part of the Junta if the coordinating law-firms, intelligence community bureaucrats, leaders and oligarchs have enough corresponding coercion points, favoritism history and mutual favoritism expectation (i.e. quid-pro-quo).

Junta members of the Obama administration were appointees or active members of the Establishment that were carrying out Establishment policies and covering up for the Establishment and themselves.

In that sense those law firms, “lobbyists” and the Establishment members were appointing bureaucracy minions or running directives freely in the corridors of Congress, White House, FBI. DOJ, State Department, Treasury and other government and intelligence community spaces. Think tanks of DNC lawyers, politicians and oligarchs were funding, orchestrating and synchronizing agendas in the media, congress, government and intelligence community with a toolbox of minion string pulling, extortion leveraging, quid-pro-quo stream of income, “networking” , smear campaign exposure threats, quid-pro-quo appointments, dismissal threats and so on.

To control government the establishment, which is a dynamic set of elite people and their ongoing transactions and interactions, appointed the Juntas that will carry out actions that would conform their interests. The Establishment decides who to appoint for bureaucracy justice system positions and decides on how and who to prosecute and who to absolve, like what happened in the Tarmac meeting which was means and opportunity to cover-up HRC for the secure emails scandal and the stealing of nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Junta members would carry the Establishment policies because of expected remuneration, favoritism, brainwash-buy-into and extortion points that law firms (Like Michael Avenatti) and other politicians have against them. Establishment minions can include Republicans who have a mutual stream of benefits. If they are working in synchronization with the DNC apparatus agenda they would be labeled as double agent “Rinos“.

A “wannabe” Establishment member that CNN endorsed for presidency is Michael Avenatty which exposed the extortion modus-opperandi of the DNC apparatus but was careless and didn’t have the right connections in the department of justice and the Establishment. Avenatty was an active smear campaigner for CNN and extortionist lawyer in various affairs.

The elections of 2016 brought an outsider president that is not used to take orders by extortionist establishment, media and lawyers who collect dirt to influence government decisions, appointments and government spending . This is why the DNC apparatus, the Mainstream media and the DNC-industrial-complex (which includes Soros, Turner and other tech and military industries) is having an all out war against the president. Junta members that were in charge of defending HRC and attacking the president can be portrayed in the persons of Clapper, Brennan, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and other Obama regime officials and politicians.

A summit where Perkins-Cole and James Bakers relations are exposed

Perkins Cole as part of DNC and HRC lawyers connections to the FBI and DOJ: 

James Baker, FBI General Counsel, in his testimony confirms he had special or “friendly” relations with David Corn (Media minion) and Perkins-Cole which were ongoing conduits of directives, information or leaks that helped propagating the road-maps for the conspiracy to remove the president. The pushing of the Dossiers by Sussmann and David Corn through Baker and other actions indicate that these and other parties were subsequentlyduring and before the Mueller investigation transmitting implicit coercion schemes, road-maps of suggested investigations, or directives on who and how persecute-prosecute, absolve, set-up, leak or wiretap.

The “Russiagate Collusion” also includes agreeing and facilitating the presence of political unlawful spying, Fusion GPS and Steele Documents, David Corn, Sussmann and others operational freedom and agenda preferential biased push in the DOJ/FBI environment. This is what makes James Baker, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Weissmann, Bruce Ohr, Priestap, James Comey and others an active part of the collusion. They knew that these parties were acting on behalf of the DNC apparatus and that the information they were allowing to push was unfounded biased propaganda, unlawful surveillance and smear campaign while signing “Verified Application” in FISA courts or using this material for political purposes and self advancement reasons.

The false “Verified Application” request for FISA is probably just the tip of the ice of the collusion. Rod Rosenstein didn’t use the wiretapping on Carter Page as a reason and selected George Papadopoulos set-up as the reason for opening the the Mueller investigation because the Carter Page set-up was more self damaging then the Mifsud double agent plot in a sense that the FISA applications would incriminate Rosenstein himself. This is why the Mueller report which is part of a cover-up for DOJ/FBI officials doesn’t mention the Steele Dossier as a false excuse to get a false “Verified Application” for wiretapping of Carter Page and others.

In this memo Comey exposes to the president that CNN has a leveraging threat of pushing a smear campaign of the “golden showers” and “Dossier” fake news.

All politicians use sharp elbows, money, lies, favoritism, biased media, deceitful tricks or conspiring agreements to push their way up the hill on expense of others. Without these methods and agreements they wouldn’t reach their positions at the top. This is what makes them vulnerable to coercion, extortion lawsuits from corrupt lawyers and quid-pro-quo deals.

The 2016 elections were to decide on who is less worse for office of the president, a business oriented management specialist or conniving candidate of the ruling Establishment nominee that wants to increase bureaucracy, government spending and the mechanisms of quid-pro-quo appointments.

When the “insurance policy” (Plan B) doctrine was running in the corridors of the intelligence community and Perkins-Cole office, it meant that they had the means of using the dirt digging network and spying grid that Strzok who was personally acquainted with a FISA judges and others, had already in place during the 2016 elections (Plan A). The spying grid conspired and included use of American assets, informants, double agents and American surveillance technologies and spying by MI5 and other international organizations that don’t respond to the 4th amendment and were in contact with CIA director Brennan and DNI Director James Clapper and their subordinates.

The intelligence community, DOJ lawyers and the Mueller team circumvented the 4th amendment by using and submitting “Verified Application” to FISA judges although the information was false and not verified. They maliciously used the unmasking method to propagate the wiretapping others and set-up to whoever was in contact with the FISA targeted individual. All of these are fruits of the poisonous tree which until today were not rolled back.

The insurance policy also made use of the Steele dossier and leaks to demonize and vilify the president, his family and supporters in the media in an attempt to influence future jury members, judges. public opinion and investigators. This enabled the DNC take the midterm elections and subsequently increase the persecution and defamation power of DNC apparatus lawmakers in congress.

During the Obama administration justice system judges and lawyers and decision making bureaucrat who were non DNC apparatus supporters were purged from office, which made investigations including the Mueller team biased. In this case and other, DOJ/FBI members were using omissions, cover-ups, leaking, targeting traps and created a road-map for lawmakers and media on continuing bashing the president with a salacious obstruction traps attempts which are a waste of taxpayer money, abuse of authority and out of scope of the investigation. By definition, a judicial trap is a method that with time makes any individual testify or say something out of context that the American Junta members can use later in court. To avoid a judicial trap people need connections, to be affiliated with the DNC or have a lot of money for the right lawyer. Sometimes the lawyers are playing ball with the prosecutors or with the DNC apparatus and then the individual can’t combat tyranny.

The DOJ and FBI lawyers and investigators went one step further then Beria, with judicial traps, because their method was “Show me the crime and I’ll attach the targeted man” with investigation traps, obstruction traps, extended confinement (Manafort), scandal traps, wiretap traps, and coercion.

Judicial traps are the means that Beria used and should send the lawyers that use them maliciously to jail. The problem is that most of the lawyers are untouchable in most cases because they are part of a guild that protects itself and has the means to watch and influence on the chain of evidence custody. The Political guild and judge guild in many cases is also composed by many lawyers. The constitusion solution of Jury or Grand Jury oversight didn’t work in many cases like at the Smollett-Foxx scandal and Arkansas.

The directive of the media to portray GOP presidency as a Junta is a self exposing attempt to cover up for the media collusion with the Obama’s Junta. In this case we have the real wolf disguised as sheep crying out loud “there is a wolf in the pack”. Same goes for HRC when she complaints for “Obstruction“.

In retrospective the ruling of hidden Junta by the Elite existed from the inception of America. Nevertheless, it is better then socialist juntas (soviets) in a sense that Marx Utopia didn’t consider what would happen in real life. In socialist, Fascist and Bolshevik countries the emerge of ruling class from a working class always created a corrupt ruling class that told their constituency they are doing the best for the people while stealing from the people their belongings and liberties.

The socialist regimes, as opposed to capitalist Juntas, indirectly suppressed the willingness of the people to be productive and entrepreneurial which resulted in industrial, technological and productivity decay. In that regards globalists and progressive agendas that promote an increase of bureaucracy, centralize healthcare and remuneration for capable non-working individuals may as well damage the competitiveness, development and welfare of a nation.

Smokescreen and investigations deflection would be achieved and portrayed to the public with very same brainwash that government is working on behalf of social justice for the people. The public agenda would have another part of the coin, which is brainwashing the public that they are fighting corruption, and they are pushing globalization, government monopoly on healthcare and green new deals as good agendas while demonizing their political adversaries. These agendas are a cover-up for biased policies and a road-map for increasing government spending, power and control over people voting options, assets and liberties. The diverting and brainwash schemes were carried out by opposition research, PR companies, social media and mainstream media news alerts, commentaries and the leaking of unbiased investigations against their adversaries.

Today healthcare, globalization and green new deals are a way of selling the public the very same idea of well being while the real outcome and goal is to take more assets and liberties and put them under a bigger bureaucracy and spending for the ruling class would have more tools to control, surveil and exploit individuals. If all individuals are under Obamacare the government has the tool to collect more money with inefficient (non-competitive) healthcare industry and spy not only of health condition of individuals , but also use this information and other meta-data to control individual actions, votes, assets and freedoms.

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