Antifa Fascist Methodologies

Factionist Predatory Vilifying Campaigns

The media-industrial-complex works closely with the Establishment-complex, social media, narrative propagation organizations (like Media Matters), public and private schools as well as universities. They also help making guidelines on admissions, grades, freedom of speech, research, grants and curriculum alienation and indoctrination. They also communicate, create the narrative, agenda and points of actions for the black shirts and Antifa-like gropus in campuses, with the same methodology and vilifying rhetoric of Mussolini black shirts.

“Fascist” term come from the term Factionist (partisan) and it doesn’t matter if is right or left. By definition of fascism: The idea that the group (faction) is more important than the individual, and other nonconforming groups and individuals pose risks to the group and that action should be taken against them. Therefore even identity politics organizations and parties can be factionist and use fascist methods to act, attack, target, name, repudiate, marginalize and vilify other groups and individuals.

Antifa-like members attacked Tucker Carlson’s house after he was targeted with biased news and demonetizing efforts by organized media cartel. The action and his address release was made by deleted tweets of instigators who use to set the guidelines and action points for Antifa and related groups.violent actions and smear campaigns.

“Tucker Carlson wasn’t merely ‘targeted by protesters,’ as some media reported. His family was terrorized by a mob of 20 people who vandalized his property,”

They also deny equal and fair access and fair chance for opinions, lectures, debates, equal freedom of expression to others, The indoctrinators also promote demonstrations, obstruction riots, social banning in campuses, workplaces (including bureaucracy) and the media. They also teach in campuses how to promote their agenda and how to combat other agendas and whistle blowers by tagging their opposition “Far-Right” or other similar labels, even though they target moderate right and other whistle blowers as well. New York University has hired Talia Lavin as an adjunct journalism professor less than a year after the former New Yorker fact checker resigned after falsely accusing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent of having a Nazi tattoo. Source:

The biased course of anti “far” right indoctrination in NYU is taught by far left journalist and there is non similar anti-far left journalism course in the same campus “The course will also teach students vital tactics in identifying and tracking the spread of far-right movements online.”

NYU had the idea of contracting Tali Lavin as a far-left course tutor who resigned from New Yorker after it was uncovered she was targeting ICE worker for her far-left agenda. Tali was also contracted by “Media Matters” which targets Democratic Establishment Opposition and Fox News and the likes journalists, sources and commentators.

“Over the weekend, social media perpetuated by a tweet by New Yorker reporter Talia [Lavin] erroneously implied that a tattoo on one of his arms was an Iron Cross and essentially labeled him a Nazi.

Source: ICE Website

The lack of a similar courses that would deal with “far-left” journalism at NYU and other prominent campuses is against the first amendment guideline and against voting fairness which is derived from public opinion alienation. Moreover, the far-left media commissars wrote the book on Technics of manipulation of public opinion, biased reporting, smear campaigns, social media bulling, trolling and targeting.

Their Hippocratic narrative that their opponents use this tactic is a cover up of their biased media manipulation which is magnitudes more existent and manipulative. Likewise the Smolett case spin-off and other events of auto-victimizing technique for creating fake news is not mentioned at the current NYU curriculum. If it can be concluded that if the people who decide on NYU curriculum agenda work with the same agenda as Media Matters and Tali Lavin, NYU and other similar institutes should not get any help from federal government funding or any other tax payer money or endorsement.

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