Military Incompetence that Changed History

The misconduct and lack of professional generals was several times in history a tool for blaming presidents and leaders on weakness and inaptitude that is part of selecting the wrong command for office.

D-Day under the Cloud

The catastrophe of Operation Tiger almost canceled Operation Overlord As operation Overlord started unfolding more and more military generals were expressing anxiety and doubts. The failures of Narvik landing in Norway in 1940 and the Dieppe raid in France in 1942 where coming back to the recollection of Churchill and Eisenhower. On April 1944 , … Continue reading “D-Day under the Cloud”

Turning Point Weapons of WWII

The most efficient cost effective weapons of WWII where used and developed during WWI.

The War to Start all Wars

WWI brought countries to invest and rely on the capability of building intelligence operations and mechanized warfare in the air, over land, over the sea and under the sea.

Modern Antisemitism

The most common use of Rhetorical Antisemitism after WWII, is carried by publications that try to put together Zionism and Apartheid. The goal of this narrative is to achieve a denial to the right of a Jewish state which is the only asylum place suited of people who were and are escaping Nazi and other Antisemitic regimes and murders.

Air Superiority in WWII

War Winning Turning Points by Air Warfare The logistic turning point of the war was made mainly by the B-24 Liberators and other planes that won the Battle of the Atlantic. Without their quantities, extended submarine hunting range and capabilities the U-boat wolfpacks would suffocate England. The airplanes with the new radars and spotlights attached … Continue reading “Air Superiority in WWII”

Establishment Modus Operandi

AKA: The dangers of centralized unjust system. The establishment components have many ways of protecting and increasing power and assets. Their assets and power are based on taking votes from people and resources nationwide and overseas from people who are not part of the establishment. The way of maintaining control over constituency, bureaucrats, workers and … Continue reading “Establishment Modus Operandi”

Fake Use of “Fake News”

Manipulated News & Alienating Public Agendas The intended meaning and mentioning of the term “Fake-News” is to convey a situation of biased news or manipulated news. The real problem is not with news that are fake, since they will eventually be uncovered (like when the press framed Spain for sinking the “USS Maine” in 1898). … Continue reading “Fake Use of “Fake News””