Mainstream media denied the public the whole truth and the right to a fair vote by overemphasizing convenient agandas and leaking biased half facts

The Origins of The Mueller Report

Mueller Report reveals its delay influenced 2018 midterm results. It’s disparity and bias doesn’t hide the Establishment modus operandi of using contractors and loopholes for judicial traps, perjury traps, FARA Traps and FISA courts rubber stamps. The investigator used unlawful surveillance and witness coercion and biased plea deals.

The War to Start all Wars

WWI brought countries to invest and rely on the capability of building intelligence operations and mechanized warfare in the air, over land, over the sea and under the sea.

Establishment Structure

Untouchable Bureaucrats & Elite The establishment is motivated by money/greed and power. In the US currently we know of Democrat Supporters Establishment and Republican Establishment. Some people call the establishment “Deep State”, but that is not a good term since some of the establishment actions are not necessarily covert or sinister. The establishment can use … Continue reading “Establishment Structure”

The Steele Dossier & UKGate

The preparation and propagation of the dossiers was intended to create and support a narrative that promotes an Agenda of removing, incapacitating, manipulating or impeaching an elected president

Organized Predatory Media & Academia

The Establishment and mainstream media agendas have major influence on election results. candidates appointment and their public endorsement and coverage.

The Tarmac Meeting Spin-Off

The tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton served and enabled the the opportunity and means to absolve HRC with a slap on the wrist.

Democracy & Fed-Ocracy

How feds influence voting and politicians The bureaucracy which includes the the feds is composed by vast majority of employees and contractors who donated and helped Obama and the Clintons campaigns. These elements were continuously involved in implicit quid-pro-quo and ideological relations with the mainstream media and biased dossier propagators. Many employees, as far as … Continue reading “Democracy & Fed-Ocracy”