Conspiracy Theorists as Tools

How the Establishment Spin-off Whistle-Blowers

Whenever an occasion presents itself, conspiracy theorists are used by the mainstream media and establishments as tool to create smoke screens on their cover-ups. Many conspiracy theorists have social and psychology problems which lead them to promote their theories for some agenda making a narrative in an erroneous way or politically incorrect way.

This is where they make their mistakes which the Establishment uses to discredit other facts and conclusions without having to explain or answer for what was wrong with the establishment or the media or with the intellectuals who promoted the establishment interests. So if a conspiracy theorist which is not from the mainstream is connecting the dots in a wrong way, the establishment is using that theorist to cover up a worse way of connecting the dots while exposing facts out of context in order to promote the establishment agenda and cover-ups.

The other end of using the conspiracy theorists is the is focusing the light on an established persona who is promoting another narrative.

If an intellectual or historian or a lawyer or a law enforcement individual is a graduate or professor in his career he is not the owner of the truth.

The certificate and media recognition are merely a proof that this individual know how to portray agendas and have a narrative based on methodology that he learned supposedly better then people who are not in his position. His way of connecting the dots and presenting the conclusions are not a scientific proof of this individual rightness and factuality even if he graduated from Harvard, Westpoint, Quantico or Presidency. His graduation certificate or work record just give the impression that this individual is just more skillful then some other people that are not in his position or couldn’t get the degree or didn’t know the “right people” or weren’t born to the “right family” or didn’t do favors to other decision makers.

So if such an individual states that something is a conspiracy theory, that is not a proof that some of the conclusions of the theorists are not true. Like the over emphasizing the theory of weather weapon and “gay frogs” by the mainstream media to take out from the agenda the other facts and cover-ups that Alex Jones raises.

For example in the book “to the Victor Go the Myths & Monuments” the author agenda is to embrace Christianity values aligning it with libertarian-ism and antagonizing non religious people like Lincoln. He mentions that Republicans Reactionary Establishment during the civil war was a collusion of obscure societies including communists, illuminati, skull and bones, round table members who are the enemies of religion and his audience beliefs. He makes the mistake of generalizing ideas putting Marxism, Atheism, Oligarchy, French Revolution and communism together, as well as putting John Brawn, Lincoln, Lafayette, Marx, Pinkerton, Stanton in the same basket.

Another of his mistakes is to make an oversimplified demagogy statement that everyone who is against his agenda is communist although the term “communist” is not socialist is related to the ideology that came by Lenin 40 years after the civil war. He prefers to use the word “communism” instead of socialism. because of the cold war widespread antagonistic use and because communists leaders like Stalin are portrayed as enemies of the religion.

Nevertheless his wrong agenda approach doesn’t mean he is not connecting the dots in the right direction asking the right questions like:

  • One of the beneficiaries of the Lincoln Assassination was the Republican Reactionary Establishment who did put him in office
  • Why Stanton wasn’t in the assassination list since the confedarates regarded secretary of war Stanton as bigger enemy then Lincoln
  • The fact that Lincoln assassination was right after the war end just before reconstruction and right after Lincoln intended to reconcile with the south. Lincoln gave Grant a free hand to free General Lee at Appomattox Courthouse against Republicans Reactionaries will.
  • The premise that Lincoln acted as the Manchurian candidate for the Reactionary Republican Establishment that wanted to centralize state power and takeover taxes and tariffs from the south as well as to control the exporting ports of the south.
  • The fact the Republican Establishment got a free hand to make the reconstruction in the south using the Assassination as a tool
  • The assasination made easier the job of the Republican Estabishment not answering why did they made a conflict that resultin in destruction and 600,000 Americans dead instead of making the conflict smaller scale or negotiating a settlemet and why they violated Habeas Corpus, civil rights in the north and the south, as well as other unlawful behavior..
  • The fact that the Republican Reactionary Establishment used Lincoln as a martyr to their agenda
  • Jefferson Davis and General Lee non-trial makes some sense when considering what he could have disclosed the Republican Reactionary Establishment collusion in a trial

In his documentary movie , Untold History of the United States, Oliver Stone explains the evolution of WW1 stating that America intervention in the war was mainly because capitalist wanted to protect their assets and make more money due to their loans and sales to Britain and France. While this statement might make sense, his out of context assertion that Marx was jew, whereas his didn’t have any Jewish education and his parents converted has no other explanation that he has some agendas making that movie.

Some publication like this have some Agendas as well as others that state that socialism and Bolshevism is supposedly a Jewish endeavor to control the world or that Jew are guilty of something or of everything. In the same way some of the theorist and mainstream media tries to antagonize the “neocon” people as right wing politicians that are aligned with Israel and Jewish communities who are supposedly pro-war and supposedly are the driving forces behind the terrorism conspiracies.

He also mentions that Marx was the founder of Communism whereas he would never approve 1917 communism in the first place. Marx was the intellectual that promoted socialism and Lenin was the founder of Communism which was a form of brutal twisted murderous klepto-cratic implementation of Marx ideas. So the “Communist Manifesto” published by Marx is used to associate him with Lenin communism.

Marx was in the belief that the socialist class would naturally and evolutianarily replace the bourgeois class without genocides and without the Lenin-Stalin-Brezhnev class being the most powerful, tyrants and richest class in the communist or social regimes. Also he didn’t agree to Lenin-Stalin-Brezhnev class acting in as autocratic way without consulting workers representation as well he didn’t consent to the tirany or murder, bred deprivation, or gulag exile of any worker class member who was suspected of disagreement with the ruling class.

In some cases conspiracy theorists are lured by themselves or by the establishment or other media (mainsteam or not) to publish wrong facts or theories so later on, the establishment and mainstream media can discredit them on the real facts or conspiracies. Likewise in many cases some conspiracy theorists are obsessed with their agenda which gives the notion to the reader that the conspiracy theorist is making up the facts or exagerating the conclusion oout of context. For example, Ray McGovern and James Corbett repeatedly state that Israel is guilty and is involved in plots like 911, Siria, etc. which gives Israel supporters the sense that they have an agenda and that their other theories are incorrect.

From the other extreme people who hate Israel and Antisemitic factions would follow and a believe their publications overzealously. James Corbett in his theories of WW1 takes out of context the importance using the interpretation of Gerry Docherty, that the underlying reasons of the war and the subsequent conflicts in Europe and the middle-east have to do with Milner, Rhodes, Rothschild and Balfour selfish interests wereas the war was a sequence of events perpetrated by much larger forces and interest groups in several countries (and not only UK and USA), oligarchies, Military Juntas and royalties. So instead of blaming solely the war “Lobbyist” as the messengers (Milner, Rhodes, The 2 Eduards) it would be more appropriate to address the political and caplital owners who sent them , namely the Establishment and their “Tank Thinkers” in the UK, Austro-Hungary, Russia, Germany, Italy, UK etc.

The technique of semaring therories by using the “Conspiracy Theory” as smear tool was used by the CIA to discredit whoever oposed the “Lone Pea” theory of Kennedy Assassination as was mention in Shelyl Atkinson in the book “The Smear”.

Arguments made to discredit conspiracy theorists without addressing whether the facts are right even though their agenda is not right

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