Cover-up Paper-trail

Breadcrumbs that show Establishment Conspiracy

One can always look and search for breadcrumbs that point out to biased cover-ups that can be found in messages or deeds around the people that promote or decide on the agenda and narrative in their respective think tanks. Those breadcrumbs are left when :

  1. Some of the Establishment minions make a mistake in their narrative which contradicts a previous narrative or fact
  2. Some of the Establishment decision makers make a move that is made by overconfidence and arrogance
  3. Bad planning on the timing of a leak, a smear campaign, or a cover-up story release
  4. When paid or mainstream media and intellectuals emphasize at the same time the same story while not addressing a more important issue
  5. Repeating a narrative over and over again in a way that both most listeners believe it and the establishment starts believing it as well
  6. Asking an investigation or inquiry for something that is making a smoke screen on other real issues
  7. Charging or blaming the other side in misdeeds of the accuser (Like the wrong use of social media and funding in the 2016 election)
  8. Some evidence is disappearing, burned, distorted or sealed for “security reasons” or “classified” excuses
  9. Some needed inquires are sealed or removed from the public agenda with the pretext of “Lack of public interest”
  10. Paid or mainstream media hasty publication of a “breaking news” of an investigation leaked half piece of information with a suspicious timing or with unproved or contradicting forensics
  11. Some minions trying to frame their colleagues in an internal competition
  12. Some decision maker or minion making an “insurance policy” that may include a recording a direct or implied threat
  13. When investigators, legislators or judiciary don’t follow the evidence in the right sequence and in an objective way
  14. appointing investigators that are related to the establishment members or establishment minions. (Like the appointment for Fiske as the “independent” investigator of Vince Forrest death).
  15. when there is witness intimidation, witness change of testimony or disappearance
  16. an abrupt change of story in the media
  17. There is a smearing campaign
  18. Some sensation or ridiculous and easy to discredit planted conspiracy theory emerges (like the new story that judge Scalia was a part of a secret society right after he was found dead)
  19. When someone from the Establishment or mainstream media is trying uses the term “conspiracy theory” or terms alike
  20. When a very rich candidate or politician has too much applause, positive tweets. disproportionate positive coverage and too much money or power. This occurs usually right after the candidate or politician is faced with unjustifiable wrong-doing.
  21. When a “prominent” anchor, documentary or interviewed journalist tells that one candidate is better then the other and more then 40% public votes says the opposite way.

Author: Myth Watch

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