Crossfire Hurricane in the Crosshairs

The Democrat party was shocked for the DNC server leaks that appeared on April 2016 in WikiLeaks and other media outlets. An intense operation with huge resources followed, this operation was succeeded by the Mueller Operation.

The power of Framing and Cover-Ups

The following discussion is portrayed as a spy dossier. Connecting the dots we can work on the premise that powerful people in the Obama administration and the DNC apparatus can create directives and allocate resources that would use the intelligence community to defend the DNC interests and damage the GOP interests using counterintelligence technologies and assets. Along these operations it is understood that these organizations and individuals have the willingness and the means of wiretapping using faulty FISA warrants, FISA judges personal connections, investigation intimidation without counsel, masking propagation. Among the tools that these organization may use we can include informants, contractors, UK, Australian and international assets and technologies that don’t respond to the 4th amendment.

Until today no indictment was filed for the crimes related to the conspiracy of stealing election fundings and the nomination of Bernie Sanders. Obama administration decided on persecution of the information sources rather then prosecuting the crimes that were in plain sight.

The Democrat party was shocked for the DNC server leaks that appeared on
April 2016 in WikiLeaks and other media outlets. This information revealed the merits of Hilary Clinton and the DNC modus-operandi which stole Bernie Sanders funding and nomination as well as other crimes. Through privileged unconstitutional pressure the Obama administration gave instructions to the DOJ and FBI not to pursue these crimes making these three entities an active part of an obstruction of Justice including the Inspector General who didn’t address this issue properly.

The FBI got directives to cease investigation by not ceasing the DNC servers and rely on Crowdstrike for their biased findings which turned out to be faulty if not to say fraudulent. Until today powerful people in the DOJ, FBI and the congress refuse to investigate and prosecute the 2016 DNC crimes. Some sources mention that the murder of Seth Rich which worked for Bernie Sanders and his last communications were about the DNC improprieties was also part of the cover up or a casualty of this obstruction operation.

It was urgent to save the DNC campaign and for some extremist democrats which were decision makers in Obama administration all the means were acceptable to “save” the country from Trump because their narrative was that the “soul of America was at stake” and therefore in this situation the constitution could be abused.

As a result of the DNC leaks powerful people in the DNC and Obama administration directed the FBI and others to run an urgent operation to find and nail the leakers. The operation turned out to be a failed fishing expedition. Once the investigation could not bring the expected results and HRC lost the elections, a new machination to overthrow the president using the same infrastructure and assets was up and running with the help of the mainstream media, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS. The idea was to blame Russia simultaneously through many outlets while trying to find more then one individual that would be “frameable” within the Trump circle for a colluding hoax.

That suited perfectly for CNN and the Washington Post since they would be eager to portray Trump as an operative of Russia or to show that his business with Russia was supposedly more important then the welfare of the country and therefore it would be easy to make to escalate it to a smear campaign of treason. In turn that narrative fueled DNI director Clapper, strzok and Director of the CIA Brennan to be a mocking birds of the Treason narrative (while actually they were the ones committing treason by theses standards) of this defamation-allegation. Those people started allocating more resources and cannon fodder for the media and the public opinion that would be used against the president inner circle and his family in cooperation with corrupt lawyers and investigators in the FBI in the DOJ and the in the UK and the Australain embassy in London as well as other places. The leaking of the communications and false allegations was made by the intelligence and paid contractors of HRC and other interest groups.

Biased Rod Rosenstein decided that the Papadopoulos communications. that was a set-up made by double agents. was a justifiable means for starting the Mueller probe. He didn’t use the Steele dossier that was used for the FISA court because he knew it was not “Verifiable Application” as declared under oath. He also obstructed justice because he didn’t indict and investigate the people who were in charge of the false oath needed for verifying FISA application or because he was also responsible for the illegal wiretapping.

The FBI and Mueller team effort to recover the marked #10000 which might uncover the conspiracy to frame Papadopoulos with the Russian Hoax by the FBI and Mueller team. pg. 123

The FBI, DOJ, Rod Rosenstaein and Mueller preferred using Papadopoulos as the reason for the Mueller probe and not other patsies because they already knew it was easy trap with ready to go double agents in in place. The FBI and foreign intelligence put a lot of efforts to try to attach a Russian collusion crime to Papadopoulus. They also knew his little experience in lawyering up and that his line of work and trips make him vulnerable and lawyer-less. He was a weak link that was considered easy to frame and because they had foreign assets that already violated his 4th amendment rights on the surface as well as various bachelor ‘honeypot’ traps from Turkey, UK, Rome, Australia and so on .

The idea was to use him as the first link that would lead them to framing and wiretapping others like Page, Corsi and so on. The FBI conspired with a judge and persecution lawyer to indict Papadopoulos although they used fruits of the poisonous tree with a plea deal that was taken by malicious means when they knew he had no collusion with the Russian. It was very important for them to indict him as a matter of national security need and reputation and because all the wasted money and assets. Otherwise, his stalkers might be fired or sent to jail and the Mueller operation might be unjustified – which turned out to be They didn’t use other spied-upon targets like Carter Page as an excuse to start the investigation, because of violations of FISA that might backfire at them. When the realized that Papadopoulus wouldn’t bring them the collusion charges, they started indicting other people that were wiretapped with false FISA warrants.

Charless Tawil Trap that was used to threat Pompadours to sign the plea deal by the FBI

They managed to interview him twice with no counsel misleading him to believe that Misfud was the center of the investigation and not him and trapping him with wrong date deposition which forced him to make a plea deal. They threatened him that he would be sued over his contact with foreign agent that he didn’t know was a double agent or a foreign agent at all. They didn’t tell him that they were trying to trap him more then once in a Russian collusion.

Stefan Halper Spying Setup

When Papadopoulos arrived to Dulles airport he had an illegal search on his luggage without a warrant, an illegal attempt to plant marked $10000 in his luggage, improper Miranda rights for a passenger that was exhausted from transatlantic flight. Many people tried to frame him for Russia collusion:

  1. Sergei Millian as FBI double Agent
  2. Joseph Mifsud
  3. Australian Ambassador Downer
  4. Stefan Halper Double Agent
  5. Richard Tawil

After all these efforts they made a plea deal that doesn’t have to do with Russian collusion and they moved on to other targets while leaking out of context information to the media.

The FBI and the DNC apparatus were in panic three times which made them taje drastic measured that abused the constitution:

  1. upon discovery of the DNC server leaks – for that they sent very expensive fishing expeditions to track the leak source in US, UK, Rome etc.
  2. upon the election result – for that they sent set-up expeditions for their recycled targets and patsis in US, Russia, Rome, UK, Greece, Israel, etc,
  3. upon the possibility that the use of the FBI would be revealed as illegal because it was understood that the frame setup was targetting GOP supporters they created Mueller operation as a cover-up and deflection operation.

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