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15th February 2020 / Daily Tweet

Missing 302 s

14th February 2020 / Daily Tweet

Graham Request Witnesses List

Judiciary Document

13th February 2020 / Daily Tweet

Mueller caught on Perjury?

13th February 2020 / Daily Tweet

Biased Jury

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Learning from the past

  • The end of the Phoney War Decision Making Blunders Costing Decisive Battles and Wars Many turning point battles were lost because of series of decisions made by ...
  • The War to Start all Wars WWI brought countries to invest and rely on the capability of building intelligence operations and mechanized warfare in the air, ...
  • Military Incompetence that Changed History The misconduct and lack of professional generals was several times in history a tool for blaming presidents and leaders on ...
  • Pulitzer Controversies The Pulitzer organization refuses to acknowledge their errors by not recalling prizes given to biases and fake news in the ...