Democracy & Fed-Ocracy

How feds influence voting and politicians

The bureaucracy which includes the the feds is composed by vast majority of employees and contractors who donated and helped Obama and the Clintons campaigns. These elements were continuously involved in implicit quid-pro-quo and ideological relations with the mainstream media and biased dossier propagators.

Many employees, as far as 97% in some leading agencies of the bureaucracy, make public their donations and ideas thinking that if not doing so they might be fired , demoted or not sociallu accepted. Some of the media members and bureaucracy employees are afraid to whistle-blow, investigate objectively or even mention blood trails and work-firing-trail because of a threat to their lives or to their families, so they play along with the cover-ups and manipulated narrative or they even believe in the repetitive propaganda they are fed with. In that context, the blood-trail is also used by the Establishment as an implicit “carrot-and stick” tool to alienate the bureaucracy or whoever is in charge of evidence collection and custody, investigation, prosecution, publication or judgment.

For the Mueller investigation team there are at least 13 confirmed key members who donated and acted for Obama and HRC and not even 1 donor for GOP candidate, This makes the team a biased entity and their leader a negligent hypocrite, undemocratic and unconstitutional. The same can be said in regards to the DOJ, IG, AG, FISA judges and the mainstream media who didn’t oppose this bias.

It is estimated that 20% voters at the 2018 midterm election voted for the Democrats because of the influence of the dossiers and the mainstream media, FBI’s and DOJ’s members biased reports, leaks and interviews.

This pattern of behavior and favoritism can be seen in other cases as well. All across the board. including the Media, Congress, DOJ, AG, IG, FBI, America had enabled biased Peter Strzok to get appointed to a senior position for Human Resources of the FBI after the dossier fiasco. HR can decide who to recruit, who to fire, who to promote, who to reward and who to demote and tailor or interpret personnel dossiers accordingly. Also Strzok didn’t notify his superiors and Mueller about his relations with Lisa Page and admitted that this contact it’s not “relevant” for his superiors or HR management which makes his appointments negligent, biased and unprofessional.

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