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Untouchable Bureaucrats & Elite

The establishment is motivated by money/greed and power. In the US currently we know of Democrat Supporters Establishment and Republican Establishment. Some people call the establishment “Deep State”, but that is not a good term since some of the establishment actions are not necessarily covert or sinister. The establishment can use this terminology (and the alike) to frame whoever uses the term “Deep State” as a “conspiracy theorist” and discredit or create a targeted smear campaign, make fake treason accusations on individuals that use such a terminology.

The Establishment is not comprised only by the military industrial complex since there are many other players in it, including lobbyists, lawmakers, other industries and other friends of the government. Some conspiracy theorists try to portray the Establishment as an alliance of sects, secret societies and religion groups. This might be used as a smoke screen by the Establishment in order to hide and cover up the Establishment existence, collusion or modus-operandi.

The forces of power expansion and greed acquisition are stronger and sometimes more sinister than all forces of secret societies put together.

Sometimes a small Establishment can reside inside bigger Establishment (s) and sometimes members can move or belong to more then one establishment in the same time or in different times. An establishment can be viewed as a transforming polygon that might have between 3 or more edges. One of the components (polygon edge) might be the leading edge which is called the “echelon” which usually is also the prominent decision maker. The followers adapt their actions and narratives accordingly with the leader/echelon. Usually the echelon is part of another smaller establishment which is called the “inner circle” and should be called the “inner polygon”.

The parts (edges) of the establishments may be a combination of the next or partial components:

(i.e. not all Democrat congressmen are part of the Democrat Establishment):

  1. Intelligence and Law enforcement
  2. Government or royalty
  3. Military
  4. Capital Owners (Bankers, Transportation, Oil Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Wall Street etc.)
  5. Intellectuals and Historians
  6. Media (Mostly Mainstream media)
  7. Law makers and judiciary appointed by the Establishment
  8. Clergy (In Iran the Ayatollahs are the leading echelon, so it is in the Vatican)
  9. Oversight and Investigation agencies (DOJ, FBI etc)
  10. Lobbyists and Politicians (Every politician is lobbying for some agenda).
  11. Bureaucracy entities – In the USA there are 3 million bureaucrats that their livelihood and work promotion depends on how they follow and support Establishment agenda and narratives. Accordingly with their donations to HRC until 2016, 97% of them support or admit by bias or action that they have been supporting the Democrat Establishment.

We can make an analogy of the establishment as a moving living entity.

The mind of the the Establishment is usually composed by Politicians, Intellectuals and investigation agency members are the “think tank” who come up with current narratives, agendas, smear campaigns and strategies, The mouth is composed by media and intellectuals. The feet and support it made of the capital owners. The hands are made out of the government, military, law enforcement and investigation agencies which punch the enemies. And the bureaucrats are the clothing that cover-up the body.

The Establishment in the USA is calling the he Russian Establishment “Kleptocracy” whereas there is no proof that the USA or Democrat Establishment took from people inside the USA and outside of the USA less assets the the Russians. The Democrat Establishment is blaming the Russians intervening in the USA elections whereas the Democrat Establishment intervened in dozens of elections in the USA And overseas and overthrows and impeachment attempts. The Mainstream Media and investigation components of the Democrat Establishment are taking part for the cover-up of these deeds and brainwash the public that these events are out of the important agenda.

An establishment can be traced when some of its edges work toward a common agenda, smear campaign and use a similar narrative or work together on a cover-up or when a bureaucrat starts to voice his credo or leak some facts which is not what most voters and taxpayers gave him is salary for.

Establishments have minions which are acting on its behalf knowingly or unknowingly for the following reasons:

  1. Money
  2. Survival
  3. Belief that acting for the establishment will promote them or make them as part of the Establishment in the future (Establishment wannabes)
  4. Ideology
  5. Hate and revenge
  6. Religion
  7. Belief in establishment brainwash through education, mainstream media or staged/out of context event

A staged event is the “Polish raid” on German radio station which started World War II.

An out of context event is the “USS Maine” sinking that precipitated the war with Spain in 1898 and turn out to be a fake news allegation on Spain accordingly with U.S. Navy’s investigation.

If we judge by the outcome of USA overtaking Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines the common sense might conclude that the sinking was a staged event made by a USA Establishment minion.

People may move in and out or between establishments. People try to act and convey their agenda and credo accordingly with their beliefs or what they expect to accomplish by doing so or expect to get from the establishment. If the people work for the establishment (minions) or mainstream media they usually put their agenda alienated with the establishment line of thought or propaganda by use of selected narratives. A narrative is a set of conclusions derived from a form of emphasizing some events and subjective interpreting or overlooking on other events and conveying a story with agents and outcome in a non-objective way. Usually a narrative includes blaming one side and praising the other and an agenda that might convince the narrative listeners to support the establishment goals or cover-ups,

A narrative may convince some people to enlist for an army and risk their life or transfer funds or power (like voting) and a flux of income to governments or establishment related industries. For that matter an industry, might be armament industry, public works industry, charity industry, mortgage industry (mainly until 2008) , loan industry, construction industry, union legislated (extortion in some countries) industry, press industry, transportation industry, healthcare industry, mining industry, ponzi scheme industries , wall street and so on.

Sometimes a narrative may be a story that is emphasized and released in order to create a smoke screen for another event. This alienating is made voluntarily or involuntarily because the establishment facilitates the livelihood of establishment’s members as well as establishment’s wannabees or minions belief that the establishment is their security and well-being provider. Those individuals expect some other benefits from their expressed loyalty by supporting the Establishment agenda or promoting it or creating a narrative that helps the establishment.

In that regards, director Comey admitted that the national security heads were working under the premise that HRC will win the elections in 2016 and he adopted the narrative made by Clapper and Mueller that the escape goat is “Russian-gate” which some of their colleagues are trying to use as an impeachment reason. Question being, is how power was given to minions that are in charge of security assessment and federal law investigation that have wrong assessments (and excuses) on matters that are less pertinent and less important to their job which is to protect the country and how come their findings on their “escape goat” of Russian-gate were inconclusive.

It is a challenge to check the chain of events and from that to conclude what was the goal of the establishment or the decision maker and their motives and incentives. It can be achieved if we ask what was achieved or what was expected to accomplish and who benefited from the outcome and who is trying to cover up.

“If it looks like a crock (“cover-up”) and it walks like a crock it’s not an innocent lamb”

There is always breadcrumbs that point out to biased narratives that can be found in messages or deeds between the people that promote or decide on the agenda and narrative in their respective think tanks. Those breadcrumbs are left when :

  • Some of the Establishment minions make a mistake in their narrative which contradicts a previous narrative or fact
  • Some of the Establishment decision makers make a move that is made by overconfidence and arrogance
  • Bad planning on the timing of a leak, a smear campaign, or a cover-up story release
  • When paid or mainstream media and intellectuals emphasize at the same time the same story while not addressing a more important issue
  • Repeating a narrative over and over again in a way that both most listeners believe it and the establishment starts believing it as well
  • Asking an investigation or inquiry for something that is making a smoke screen on other real issues
  • Charging or blaming the other side in misdeeds of the accuser
  • Some evidence is disappearing, burned, distorted or sealed for “security reasons” or “classified” excuses
  • Some needed inquires are sealed or removed from the public agenda with the pretext of “Lack of public interest”
  • Paid or mainstream media hasty publication of a “breaking news” of an investigation leaked half piece of information with a suspicious timing or with unproved or contradicting forensics
  • Some minions trying to frame their colleagues in an internal competition
  • Some decision maker or minion making an “insurance policy” that may include a recording a direct or implied threat
  • When investigators, legislators or judiciary don’t follow the evidence in the right sequence and in an objective way
  • appointing investigators that are related to the establishment members or establishment minions. (Like the appointment for Fiske as the “independent” investigator of Vince Forrest death).
  • when there is witness intimidation, witness change of testimony or disappearance
  • an abrupt change of story in the media
  • There is a smearing campaign
  • Some sensation or ridiculous and easy to discredit planted conspiracy theory emerges (like the new story that judge Scalia was a part of a secret society right after he was found dead)
  • When someone from the Establishment or mainstream media is trying uses the term “conspiracy theory”
  • Whem a very rich candidate has too much applause, positive tweets. disporportionate positive coverage and too much money
  • When a “prominent” anchor, documentary or interviewed journalist tells that one candidate is better then the other and more then 40% public votes says the opposite way.

In that regards the FBI and other investigation entities have more power then the judges, because biased members can decide who to target, what evidence is contaminated or relevant and on what evidence to overlook before asking for warrants and before recommending a prosecution and investigation or plea bargain. The DOJ minions might have the same inclinations and the IG members and overseeing committees members might unknowingly or knowingly not oversee them for lack or presented facts or lack of interest or because of cooperating with the Establishment in the cover-ups.

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