Fake Use of “Fake News”

Manipulated News & Alienating Public Agendas

The intended meaning and mentioning of the term “Fake-News” is to convey a situation of biased news or manipulated news. The real problem is not with news that are fake, since they will eventually be uncovered (like when the press framed Spain for sinking the “USS Maine” in 1898). The real issue with the biased and manipulated news, is that they transform public opinion and influence voting and decision making of leaders, lawmakers, feds” bureaucrats, judges and so on.

Not all biased news are 100% fake or a lie, On the contrary, as much as factual events and bells and whistles are incorporated into biased news it is easier to manipulate public opinion and decision makers to believe and act accordingly. Biased news can be news that have some truth not necessarily in a chronological order, that might be over emphasized by the media which tries to under-emphasize other events and sometimes smear a rival. One of the tactics of biased news propagators is that every news outlet tries to attach some half fact or interview and attach it to the previous biased news so it would be more attracting and create a sense that the last news release is more comprehensive and more investigative and more reliable while enabling a potential of more ad income.

This is how the dossier variations, investigations, “expert interviews” and leaks where popping up from 2016 without addressing the real issues that were covered-up such as harming Bernie Sanders nomination and hiding Clinton’s’ related organizations involvement in business worldwide including Russia and other misdeeds revealed by email scandals, blood trails, donation trails, and whistle blowers like the Seth Rich incident. Such fake news would be that Keneth Starr, Robert Fiske, William F. Clinger_Jr. and Bret Kavanaugh investigations were unbiased and took into account all evidence in an “unbiased way” in the Vince Foster affair.

The term “Fake-News” is vastly misused by mistake instead of the term “biased news”. Sometimes this misuse is done on purpose taking advantage of the confusion or generating more confusion. When “Fake News” buzzword is misused on purpose and repetitive fashion, the intention is creating a narrative and agenda that whoever is denouncing “Fake-News” first is not involved in biased news propagation or is trying to promote a smear campaign or cover-up narrative. Usually manipulative “tank-thinkers” and conspirators think that their rivals might use the same tactics and misdeeds so they use an insurance policy propagating biased accusations that would protect them later on. Using this modus-operandi enables them a smear and discredit campaign against whoever is accusing them (or might accuse them) of propagating biased news (Even if it is true) arguing they blamed it first on their rivals and their rivals action was an “unfunded retaliation” because it came after they made the first accusation. So the blaming works as an insurance policy and as a news fuzz for propagating more biased news. Shouting repeatedly on many mainstream media outlets fake “Wolf-Wolf warnings” is one of the indicators of this tactic which we mentioned earlier as the “breadcrumbs evidence”. This modus-operandi can be attributed also to the people who created the so called anti-fake-news emerging ONGs and media fuzz. It would be too risky for them to use in their narrative the term “anti-biased-news” instead of “fake news” because doing so they might uncover their conspiracy or hypocrisy.”Today, Brock stands atop an empire of donor-funded political operations. Media Matters for America seeks to mirror the right-wing Media Research Center in lobbing charges of dishonesty at the press;https://tinyurl.com/y3ndgl2j

The Establishment mainstream media wrote the book on how to smear opponents and whistle blowers by use of social media all the way since 2004 including human and bot enhancers. So in 2016 when their biased mind realized that some of the social media and information interpretation gave them less votes then expected they created “anti-fake-news” campaigns and dossiers that would blame the Russian-Collusion for their fiasco as vindication campaign and as basis for government overthrow attempt. The public is not aware that the net effect of the total efforts and money to smear from both sides the results of 2018 elections and 2016 elections would be less favorable to the GOP because of the fact that the DNC related Establishment minions and accomplices control the mainstream media and because of the fact that most (estimated 97%) of bureaucrats working for DOJ and the feds support and donate to anti-GOP institutions.

Once a narrative made based on manipulated news is introduced, an intended agenda can make way through news instigators and propagators. Some propagators really believe in the narrative and the biased news because of ideology or comfort zone bias, These involuntary propagators help making the biased news and narrative available faster for various outlets like social media, broadcast and press while causing the viral propagation effect without even knowing it. Some propagators might as well be artificial bots created for that exact purpose and accelerate the human propagation process. Also one of the reasons biased news propagation is faster, is that it is easier to repeat a biased news and add some gossip flavor on,it then to inquiry the full veracity and context, Sensational and melodramatic news create bigger audition and sell more ads. So one media outlet takes an item from another and dresses it with their flavor or old news making it appear as their exclusive.

Manipulated news propagate faster then real facts because they tend to be more viral on social media and other broadcast and press outlets since they have “gossip flavor”, repetitiveness and personality over-iconization of news instigators or propagators.

Paid or complacent biased news propagators can be observed on talk shows, celebrity comments, “renowned” intellectuals publications and interviews, conspiracy theorists, bureaucrats, bureaucrats leaks and so on.

As long as the mainstream media is composed of biased individuals there is no guarantee that they will prioritize the discovery and presentation of the whole truth in an objective way. if the whole truth doesn’t coincide with the agenda of direct and indirect bosses they will try to deflect the real story from being exposed voluntarily or non-voluntarily. The Establishment and mainstream media do not want to expose the power and asset accumulation process and want to control timing and the essence of what the public be exposed to and to which extent in time and profundity. Academic historians and recognized journalists are not the owners of history and the facts but the mainstream media tries to give us that exact impression. They are humans who input and compile some information, present a story, present a sequence of partial events, present a narrative and many times promote an agenda. Journalism and history is not a science of full facts because historians and journalists don’t have all the facts and some of the facts are inherited from other historians or documents in out of context or partial veracity as mentioned by Jonathan Rose:”So where can we find the truth? We are often told to rely on “fact-checkers”, but they are fallible human beings with their own biases, blind spots, and conflicts of interest.”

Whenever decision makers, media or establishment members have to protect themselves they might destroy or overlook on evidence or hide facts in an active or passive cover-up way, so later historians or inquiry investigators wouldn’t have all facts and the full picture at hands. History in academia and media is the art of portraying a sequence of events their agency/reasons and outcome connecting the dots filling the missing blanks, not in a scientific way necessarily. The story might as well be a formulated narrative which can be true or partly true or a lie, composed of myths, non accurate documents or forged testimonials. “Today, historians identify the Spanish-American War as the first press-driven war because Hearst and Pulitzer created an environment in which the print media exercised tremendous power and sway over national affairs. ” https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/168374

Over-emphasizing and repeating over and over again a history, narrative, out of context event, or myth by the mainstream media or mainstream academia or mainstream education institution or leaking it from law enforcers and politicians may convince the public and the media itself that what was presented is the whole truth and is more important that what was not emphasized or leaked. If the public gives the mainstream media and law enforcement leak propagators the credibility, there is no true democracy, because a biased repetitive narrative can change public opinion and voting preferences or remove a candidate or a president in an biased way.

There is no politician who got to high position without favors or some misconduct because politicians are humans and the race to the top needs sharp elbows. Moreover, the media and Establishment can leverage any citizen on the premise that everyone is involved in an average Three Felonies a day, If an investigation agency member has a decision making position and has an agenda or interest (paid or ideological) that member can always come up with some out of the context fact or evidence to investigate or leak a fact about everyone or use and implicit coercion to get a biased testimony. The talent of investigators and investigation organizations is that hey can always make an individual admit or be in a situation of being portrayed as have been involved some wrong doing. There is almost no effective way to control or investigate the investigators motives and behavior because from day one they protect themselves with authority positions, excuses and insurance policies which exempt them from scrutiny and punishment.

The establishment and mainstream media prefer using the term “Fake-News” instead of “biased news” because in that way they can twist the public opinion on the real issues and their modus-operandi while pretending they can help defend the public from “Fake-News”.

Ironically, when UK MPs and USA Establishment, including Obama, mention that they want to do something against “Fake News” they real intent is to have bigger manipulation power on top of the power that they already have on controlling news propagation process. When government and other media moguls try to control, manipulate, oversee or regulate “Fake-News” over Social Media and the press the Establishment is trying to have a mechanism in real time to impose its narrative over whistle blowers so they can control public agenda and have a more effective cover-up and smoke screen tools. This fight for the public opinion is a constant effort to protect and increase power, centralization and assets of the Establishment, Obama mentioning:

“We are going to have to rebuild within this wild-wild-west-of-information flow some sort of curating function that people agree to,,, There has to be, I think, some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests and those that we have to discard, because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world,” https://www.yahoo.com/news/obama-decries-wild-west-media-landscape-214642552.html

This process “Fake News” curating race by Obama and his allies is what stared the misuse of the “fake news” narrative as mentioned by Sharyl Attkisson in the book The Smear which explains on how biased news are used as tools to affect ” What You Think, What You Read, and How You Vote” https://youtu.be/oa7QvcKYGZA?t=413

Biased news and publications were also implemented before, like the restrictions on opposition publications implemented in 1861 by the Republicans and the sedition acts of 1798.

Lincoln regime closed about 200 newspapers and sent to prison in Port Lafayette many journalists without trial because they weren’t supporting his policy. Papers and publications that were against Lincoln policy were denied diffusion by means of federal control of the post office, trains and paper industry. All that, in times where legislators and judges also were sent to jail or secluded and hence no whistle blower could make a difference on real time. The equivalent today of restricting unbiased publication is tagging publications as “non suited for advertisement”, making a smear campaign, or repeating a cover-up story in the digital and press of mainstream media or targeting people like sending an IRS audit or similar Establishment coercion means and encryption authority control and communications intelligence and surveillance.

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