How Comey Fooled the Nation

Slapping the wrist of HRC while giving her gift of absolution. Loretta Lynch meeting with Clinton in the Tarmac gave Comey opportunity and means to announce the absolution of HRC and the DNC.

A “slap on the wrist” as a cover-up of biased investigations

Loretta Lynch used the Tarmac Meeting for not being the “think tank” collaborator that was in charge of the decision not to interrogate and not to indict HRC on the email scandal. The same “think tank” was the one that decided using “gross negligence-extremely careless” twist as a “legal” explanation for manipulated absolution. Comey was given the task of announcing the “think tank” decision only 5 days after the Tarmac incident instead of at least 2 years that would be needed to investigate the scandal as shown by the double standard Mueller probe.

  • There was never an unbiased investigation on the content of the 60,000 mails and related events and outcomes.
  • There was no unbiased investigation why HRC appointees were given immunity instead of being charged of obstruction of Justice and destroying the emails and devices.
  • There was never an unbiased investigation on related email evidence of use of funds in DNC activities and other misdeeds.
  • There was never an unbiased investigation on how the DNC apparatus uses bureaucrats, information and government assets including DOJ/FBI/CIA for electoral and political gains and cover-ups .
  • There was never an unbiased investigation on how the DNC operation that is reflected in those emails uses DOJ/FBI/CIA/NSA/MI5 leaks and information transfer to the mainstream media and social media, to Ohr couple, Buzzfeed, Yahoo and how that affected 2018 and 2016 elections.

Comey fooled the media and the nation so he would look like an unbiased decision maker by slapping the wrist of HRC while giving her a quid-por-quo big price of absolution gift. If Loretta Lynch wouldn’t meet Clinton in the Tarmac then Comey wouldn’t have the means and the opportunity to give the absolution gift to HRC and the DNC.

He likely lied when he testified that he did not conclude his assessment of the Clinton illegal email use before he had even interviewed Clinton, an assertion contradicted by his own written report.

One can conclude that there should be an investigation if the Tarmac meeting was planned so HRC and the DNC would be wrongfully absolved giving the means and opportunity to Comey.

‘Comey allowed immunity for several key witnesses, including potential targets… with outrageous side deals, including preventing agents searching for any documents on a Dell laptop owned by former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills’

Comey stated that the president was unfit Morally to take his office. The American people decided that the president is more morally fit then Hillary Clinton to take office as opposed to his belief and agenda. Morally, he should have resigned instead of pushing and letting the propagation of the fake dossier and “golden showers” smear campaigns while spying on the President inner circle with deceitful FISA warrants and British intelligence help.

Comey also lied to the president that McCabe is fit, unbiased and loyal to serve as his deputy in the FBI. McCabe wife and Andrew McCabe were close to the Clinton’s and his wife received $1,000,000 campaign funds from the DNC. It turned out to be a lie since McCabe had participated in the plot to impeach and wiretap the president. McCabe admitted by actions and declarations in his book and interviews that he was part of the bureaucracy and media hate group of the president. The narrative that biased agents and bureaucrats are 100% professional and their actions and implicit directives and agendas don’t affect the outcome of their actions and surrounding environment is also a repetitive Establishment big fake myth.

Asking Comey if fake #dossiers agendas were facilitated and leaked by FBI and Obama employees, is like asking a guardian-fox if he knows who stole chickens from the hen-house. He responds “no FBI in View” where he knows FBI actions are not in plain-sight.

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