Inconsistencies in Mueller Memos

In his letter to AG Barr on March 27th Mueller distorted his letter of appointment goals and the DOJ press release goals and mentioned that the goal for his investigation was to “ensure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigation”.

Mueller found distorting the truth and taking out of scope the purpose of his probe.

In his letter to AG Barr on March 27 , 2019, Mueller distorted his letter of appointment goals and the DOJ press release goals and mentioned that the purpose for his probe was to “ensure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigation” as opposed to checking Russian Intervention. Ironically, evidence indicates FBI/DOJ and Democrat lawmakers discredit themselves for bias and trying to weaponize FBI/CIA traps, leaks and assets for political use. Papadopoulos double agent entrapment attempts, as the timing of the leaks which coincide with hearing dates, and the Mueller remark letter seems to be a continuous cover-up for use of leaks and abuse of use of the intelligence community by lawmakers and Establishment bureaucrats. Mueller 19 page smear letters on Volume I and Volume II that were tried to be pushed on March 27 letter were leaked to the Washington Post on the eve of Barr’s Senate testimony, claiming another smear mentioning that Barr’s memo “did not fully capture the context, nature and substance of this Office’s work and conclusions.” Mueller dishonesty is coming to light because he was asked to review AG Barr 4 page conclusions letter and he intentionally didn’t want to do, so later he would be able to put in writing his political unprofessional smear scheme whihc was a continuation of Volume II road-map for congress attacks. Mueller could have discuss with Barr office his concern which turned out to be not in good faith. Until the senate hearing Mueller didn’t give an explanationto the American people and to AG office on why he put the unprofessional political out of scope determination of having “No exoneration conclusion on obstruction”.

In the letter of Appointment Rod Rosentein declared purpose is to check the Russian intervention in the 2016 election. Mueller declaration that he was to pursue confidence on investigate, seems to be overshadow the importance of the real Russian collusion goal and servers as an excuse for deflecting biases and corruption of of FBI/DOJ using means of entrapment of the president in obstruction set-ups . Mueller has no business or authority on trying to assure confidence in the establishment, If there are bad cops in the DOJ or the Mueller team it would be the role of IG and not Mueller team. In the Press release of May 17th 2017 there is no clause that the scope and purpose of the probe is to ensure confidence on the FBI as the goal of his probe. On the contrary, Mueller subversion and traps reduces the public trust for the intelligence community and DOJ bureaucrats.

Mueller stated that the AG Barr letter on March 24th 2019 to congress was an assessment whereas it was Barr conclusion and summary of the Mueller report. The letter mentioned that the Mueller team didn’t exonerate the negative, which was a wrongdoing made by Mueller team and out of his binary scope..Barr explained rightfully in May 1, that putting two Mueller assessments before the report release on top of his decision were unnecessary and would create media confusion and it would be better to release the report which would make Mueller summaries redundant although they were also released by then. Barr explains that Mueller didn’t provide any reason why he didn’t conclude that wasn’t making a call to indict on obstruction. AG Barr mentioned that the business of the government (DOJ) is not to exonerate because people are presumed innocent, and therefore Mueller mentioning in page 8 that the team “didn’t have evidence to exonerate” was out of line, inexplicable, and out of his duties because Mueller mentions he couldn’t bring sufficient evidence for conviction.

AG Barr Hearings in Senate May 1, 1919

AG Barr mentions that the leaked Mueller letter of March 27 might have been written by one of Mueller team members and not by Mueller himself. Indications may suggest that the same propagator might have been one of the 13 angry lawyer DNC contributors or the leakier himself. AG Barr mentioned that President could fire Mueller without this act being an obstruction of justice because he had the executive right to oversee the Special Counsel actions and if he feel the accusations on the Russian Collusion were unfounded (which they were) he has the legitimacy of firing an entity that undermines and obstruct his executive duties and government continuity.

Mueller underlined complaint on Barr summary letter is that he didn’t smear the president as much as Mueller team tried to do in the Volume II, and therefor Mueller wanted to publish his 19 pages smear summary as fast as possible within the three weeks before the whole report would be released. If Barr would be partisan he wouldn’t have mentioned Muller controversial biased decision that he didn’t find evidence to exonerate the president. Therefore the slander of CNN Anderson Cooper that Barr Summary letter was a ‘love letter’ to the president is refuted by David Gregory mentioning that Barr stressed in the letter that the special counsel didn’t exonerate on obstruction. Barr could omit this paragraph as he and others never agree that Mueller roll would be to put a non binary conclusion on indicting decisions and not on exonerating decisions as it was don’t for 230 years on constitutional guidelines that accordingly with the law people are innocent unless proven guilty.

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