How deep is the “Insurance Policy”

Insurance Policy is a set of mechanisms that makes almost impossible the task of investigating and disclosing the control of intelligence bosses and democrat party apparatus over evidence, testimonies, investigations, prosecutions and the public agenda.

Using Dossiers as Coercion Weapons

The Insurance Policy is not a sole plan to deal with the less expected scenario that HRC would lose the 2016 elections. As opposed from what many people believe, there are some debunked misconceptions and myths about the Mueller report and origins. The Insurance Policy message between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page goes a lot deeper than what it portrays. It goes deeper long before the 2016 elections and long after. It is a set of mechanisms that makes almost impossible the task of investigating and disclosing the control of intelligence bosses and democrat party apparatus (lawmakers, deep pockets and media) over evidence, testimonies investigations, prosecution proceedings and the public agenda.

From one hand The insurance policy mechanism has a cover-up system and from the other hand there is a powerful neutralizing system which is a group of prosecutors, investigators and ready made dossiers which are used whenever there is need to discredit or coerce any person that might be a threat to the group. In some cases the neutralizing branch might use judges, demonetizing systems, the IRS, contractors, foreign agents or criminal gangs.

By running media agenda and a database of coercive dossiers on almost every politician or bureaucrat these “untouchable” people may control and blackmail government, power of the purse, power of legislation, power of oversight, the judicial system, the DOJ, intelligence community and courts. The Insurance Policy network would include lawmakers, investigators, prosecutors, academy members, law firms, journalists and other organizations. New accounts try to implicate judges as part of the Insurance Policy as well.

Joe diGenova on Judge Contreras

It is now known that he was involved in several other FISA warrants involved in this matter [fraud on the FISA Court]. Judge Contreras has a lot of explaining to do and so does the Chief Justice of the United States as to what he’s done to fix the mess that has been created with the FISA Court.

The following points shed new light on what is the “Insurance Policy Apparus” network as well as on the goals and methods.

  1. Long before Unmasking-abuse or FISA-abuse occurs there is a more concerning issue : a bureaucrat can see information on any individual for future biased use by “coming by” or making “about query” on Upstream data. .
  2. IG Horowitz, Strzok and others statements that political bias doesn’t affect professionalism and actions contradicts facts, as was proven by message of Strzok “We will stop him” and “media leak strategy”. The false narrative was made in order to use the system and in order to protect themselves and their friends and is a total myth. In most cases political bias is a result of education, preferences and brainwashing. This is because all politicians use sharp elbows or deceitful tricks to get to the top.
  3. Voting is about a subjective belief on who can improve people’s well-being or who is less hypocrite and tyrant or is just about social pressure. 
  4. Any Intelligence Community and DOJ lawyers know how to manipulate narratives and cover their own tracks.
  5. Spying capabilities include surveillance, framing, lying and deceiving and this what they are paid for. Lawyers and politicians are paid or elected to blame others while protecting themselves or protecting their constituency or their clients.
  6. The Mueller team work was to deflect investigation from the Dossier propagators and restore confidence in the intelligence community. For some team members it served as way to create a road-map for fabricated conspiracy trap charges, and protect Mueller’s friend Comey, Weissmann, themselves and others. Some of the biased investigators colluded with the propagation of the dossier agenda. In that sense collusion conspirators were given the opportunity to probe the conspiracy, and spin-off an obstruction conspiracy.
    This is one of the reasons DOJ and FBI top decisions makers and investigators should be balanced politically in the future.
  7. Surveilling Americans is inevitable while spying on non-Americans iis taking place which occurs worldwide.
  8. DOJ/FBI investigators, lawmakers and Prosecutors have more power then judges because they can omit, control the chain of evidence, allocate resources, select testimonies, entrap, create insurance policies, prioritize or share/use privileged information whenever it serves them and it is almost impossible to prosecute and investigate them with evidence because they control the evidence.
  9. The Steele dossier which is an unconfirmed coup paper was the paper that tried to bring evidence for the Clapper Russian White Paper which also was a fake narrative that GOP colluded with Russia to get help for the elections while supposedly HRC didn’t colluded with other countries.
  10. All intelligence communities spy on other countries and elections. All governments have a preferred candidate in other countries. UK, Iran, Australia, Ukraine and other administrations in 2016 did prefer the DNC over the GOP. The USA has better economic leverage and technologies that are more effectively used to surveil and influence other countries politics which can’t justify denial to other countries from doing the same.
  11. The Russians and the DNC (and some say even Trump) were working on the premise that HRC will win the elections.
    “We think trump has only a 25% chance of winning against Hillary”

Section 702 permits the Attorney General [Loretta Lynch] and the Director of National Intelligence [James Clapper] to jointly and annually certify the criteria for Section 702 requests, and the criteria are then approved by the FISA Court

There are 3 kinds of surveillance: Active, Passive and Unmasked.

  • Active is what is generated when someone is planting a surveillance device.
  • Passive is metadata and contents of communication of everyone that is stored in databases. Companies, social media and intelligence communities have billion of records about everyone communications.
  • Unmasked surveillance happens when government individuals or robots listen or forward Passive surveillance. With the advancement of technologies it is easier to collect passive over active information. Passive information is more abundant then planted surveillance.
The Scheme of using counterespionage assets for political gain

Unmasked information is more integral and dangerous because it collects and stores data over time when nobody is aware of it and it is very easy to take from it out of context information. An “about query” of unmasked information or passive information can generate a whole dossier of 1000 pages on an individual, while a planted active surveillance can generate only couple of lines.

It is also more dangerous to use passive information because everyone that reads an individual dossier can see information of others that are related in a reaction chain. Even without leaking or unmasking that bureaucrat can maliciously or inadvertently use it later. A bureaucrat or a robot (line of code) can Laserpoint some information while hiding evidence that he is the source. Some biased bureaucrats use this information for political gains or for self advancement. Even without unmasking, laser-poing, extortioning or leaking may occur using contractors, contacts, journalists, workplace pals and so on.

The problem with 702 guidelines for wiretapping is not the “Unmasking” itself rather that it allows bureaucrats access to thousands of records of every individual even if they say they didn’t unmask it or they come by it randomly.

There is always some non-Ameican that is under surveillance either by the USA or partners like MI5 or someone like an ambassador from Australia, or people like Joseph Mifsud. Whenever such a person is in contact with American some bureaucrat can “accidentally” wiretap people like George Papadopoulos, Flynn and others. Even without requesting a FISA warrant there are many ways that that information can be laser-pointed without disclosing how they came by or the way it was leaked.

702 Upstream collection: the government collects all internet transactions that contain communications to, from, or “about” a targeted selector as the transactions flow through network gateways controlled by U.S.-based providers. Only the NSA may receive raw Upstream-collected information, but it may send such information to the CIA and FBI once it has gone through the NSA’s minimization process.

Intelligence community individuals can weaponize spying infrastructure for dirt digging or smear campaigns or political influence. Individuals that read the dossier can change election results or destroy people lives.

The Insurance Policy is just a synonym for the Political Spying Apparatus that can generate smear campaigns and legal traps used to spy and change public opinion on the GOP by Obama administration and DNC apparatus for several years. That apparatus constitutes resources, databases, legal loopholes, contractors, journalists lawyers and investigators in the FBI and DOJ and maybe some Lawmakers, Social Media companies and judges that have soft fingers on FISA warrants.

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