Lawmakers Inception of Russiagate

As new documents are declassified and underacted more and more information about the involvement of democrat lawmakers in the fabrication and expansion of operation Crossfire-Hurricane and Russia-collusion and obstruction fabrication are being uncovered. The attempt was coordinated by lawmakers, intelligence community bosses, media and law firms which was an attempt to hurt the presidency for political gain, hate, self promotion or political targeting or cover up.

Messages between Mark Warner, Steele and Ohr confirm that Warner favoritism enabled a direct channel contact with Obama’s DOJ officials instead of going through the correct channels. This enable him to push the Steele dossiers as other defamatory channels with not entity overseeing their wrongdoings.

Harry Reid Democratic Leader in the senate wrote on August 27 2016, a malicious letter to the FBI based on opposition research dossiers, illegal distorted leaks, spying materials and fake news while asking the FBI to spy on the president inner circle. In the letter he portrays false defamative allegations on Trump accusing him of colluding with Russians that the Mueller report found baseless. In that letter he pushed the agenda that would give retroactive and future justification and authorization on political persecution on the GOP campaign and persons who weren’t part of HRC cover-up like Carter Page, Jerome Corsi, Flynn and Michael Caputo.

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