LBJ and Hillary Clinton’s Similarities

The reusable trick of blaming others, nomination schemes, and plots for political gains. , Excuses and cover-ups worked well for gaining momentum in 1964 and 2018 elections.

LBJ rise to power and the weaponizing of Establishment resources and media are similar to the ones used by the Clintons (with or without the Obama’s). Both were involved in state government and state judicial systems. This control and influence paved their way for government and business involvement, media and judicial favoritism and the use of Democrat party tickets. Once in power, It is easier to promote pay per play business and networking, targeting, cover-ups and manipulating public agenda through biased repetitive narrative in collusion with the mainstream media and law enforcement. In that context Texas broadcast Texas Public works, Big-Oil, Keystone Pipeline, Uranium-Gate have similar pay per play flavor and cover-up evolution.

The Clintons and LBJ were influential in Judicial appointments, ruling and investigation in Arkansas and Texas respectively. Similar paper trails can be seen in the relative large numbers of “suicides”, forensics tampering and jury and ruling alienation and cover-ups as well as presidential campaign, participation in opposition research and “search and destroy” orchestration via “hit list” gathering.

Mrs. Clinton was also among the most important state figures involved in the selection of judges. Lawyers, judges and former aides to Mr. Clinton in Arkansas say she played a crucial role in deciding who would fill the unexpired terms of judges, dealing directly with candidates for the jobs.

Both weaponized civil rights for their political agenda while being arrogant and disliking and abusing working class, African-American and law enforcement field level officials trying to subordinate others to their will.

As a human being, he was a miserable person.  . . . a bully, sadist, lout, and egotist. His lapses from civilized conduct were deliberate and usually intended to subordinate someone else to his will.

Both used the intelligence community, lawmakers, prosecutors and mainstream media to coerce, target and destroy opponents, whistle blowers and testimonies using means that are against the fourth amendment with the excuse of enemy spying (mainly Russian). The Steele dossier, among others, was a weapon used to allow the intelligence community to infringe laws and to help HRC circle to spy on GOP campaign while helping in opposition research and covering-up the use of illegal tools in her campaign and probes as well as use of intelligence technologies and resources. The reusable trick of blaming Russia for political gains , excuses and cover-ups worked well for gaining momentum in 1964 and 2018 elections.

Both used their inner circle for meddling and biasing probes like the Warren Commission and the unsecured mails probe. The warren report was coerced to indicate that one man influenced by Russia was the sole JFK assassin, and that the Establishment was not involved in other Kennedy deaths, whereas the ones who benefited from the events were the military industrial complex, LBJ and the intelligence community who got more power, higher budgets and less oversight.

The civil rights initiatives and the healthcare programs were a continuation of the new deal where the government tries to acquire more power, appoint more bureaucrats, charge more taxes and gains more control over the individual assets and privacy and their projected behavior and voting.

Mr. Clinton’s fairy-tale line and a comment by Senator Clinton that was interpreted by some as giving President Johnson more credit than the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. for winning changes in civil rights laws have disturbed African-Americans who saw them as unfair and diminishing the role of civil rights activists.

Both were conspiracy hunters. Both had the Narrative that giving control to their Republican opponents is dangerous as related to racism and the potential conflict with Russia. LBJ escalated war involvement in Vietnam and the Clintons did the same in the Middle East. Both used propaganda methodology trying to attach KKK and racist support for their opponents.

Clinton’s ad reused most of the original script, replacing “Goldwater” with “Trump” and “San Francisco,” the site of the 1964 Republican convention, with “Cleveland,” .

Use of the Intelligence community for political gains and narrative creation and manipulation. Illicit channeling of information, appointments and funding and subversion in vote and nomination while several whistle blowers and party risks are disappearing or dead by “suicide”.

Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, compiled a “hit list” of individuals who were viewed as having had been unhelpful during her 2008 presidential campaign.

Usage of Hit Lists doesn’t necessarily means that a person is about to be assassinated. It might be a target for IRS audit, intelligence investigation, fake dossier attachment, smear campaign, blacklisting or demonetizing for whoever does’t politically supports them or is a political risk. The usage of dossiers is also a tool for converting career risks into assets as was done with Michael Cohen and was done with Comey against the president.

Ruthlessnes in using all of the tools available – private detectives or the FBI or the CIA to try to break into people’s homes and do negative things to them.

LBJ retaliated against Aretha Kitt blacklisting her and using a CIA manipulated predatory biased personal dossier (against the fourth amendment). The CIA generated this smearing dossier with an excuse that when she was overseas the CIA had authority on targeting and generating this smear dossier since she had a contact with overseas threats on the USA. This is the same “butterfly effect” that FBI and CIA political leaders used with the Steele dossier on behalf of HRC inner circle to coerce testimony and trap in self infringement with regression memory techniques and illegal plead deals against Flynn, Papadoupulos, Corsi, Caputo, Manafort, Page and others which are typical to Beria and Stalin commissars. LBJ targeting went into the mainstream media which victimized Lady Bird that supposedly was offended by what Arethe said to her which made her “cry”.

The Washington Post reported at the time that President Johnson had Kitt blacklisted.  Unable to get jobs in the United States, Kitt was forced to perform in Europe until she returned to America in 1978 to headline the Broadway musical Timbuktu! It was later unveiled by the New York Times that the CIA, prompted by the Secret Service in 1968, had kept a dossier on her.

The reporting on Miss Kitt contained in the C.I.A. document was—even if conducted entirely overseas — “extremely mischievous or worse, unwise and probably in violation of her rights.”

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