Mainstream media denied the public the whole truth and the right to a fair vote by overemphasizing convenient agandas and leaking biased half facts

How Media Appoints and Manipulates Governments

Over-emphasizing and repeating over and over again a story, narrative, out of context event, or myth by the mainstream media may convince the public and the media itself that what was presented is the whole truth. Over-emphasizing is a means of making a smoke screen on some more important event is usually done with a supposedly leaked half truth and out of context media clip in the background or by repeating a story simultaneously in various mainstream media or paid channels.

Social media trolls, Massmedia smear campaigns and bureaucracy leakers can change public opinion and public agenda

If the public gives the media and law enforcement leakers the credibility, there is no true democracy, because the media and the leakers can change public opinion, public agenda and voting preferences or remove a candidate or a president in a non-equal manner.


There is no politician who got to high position without favors or some misconduct because politicians are humans (not saints) and the competition process over votes and appointment as a candidate requires money and leveraging items against opponents. The media knows about the process of making a candidate, group of interests and the establishment and sometimes uses it. If a journalist or an investigation agency member has a decision making role and has an agenda or interest (paid, benefits or ideological) he can always come up with some out of the context fact or evidence to investigate or leak a fact about everyone.

The talent of investigators and investigation organizations is that they can always make an individual admit or be in a situation of being portrayed as have been involved some wrong doing. Moreover, some investigators use this process to coarse someone to play part in a testimony or interview against a political target.

There is almost no effective way to control or investigate the investigators motives and behavior because from day one they protect themselves with excuses and insurance policies for what they do and why they do it. So in some respect the journalist or investigation agency has the power of investigating, exposing, prosecuting, judging, and executing the sentence on some individuals on the “public opinion court” without jury and without them being subjected to the same process. The establishment and the media protect themselves using the name of freedom of the press, first amendment and so fourth.

So far no one was accountable or did answer to the public on how mainstream media denied the public the whole truth and the right to a fair vote by overemphasizing and leaking biased half facts or why the media was part of the establishment that drove US to open a war against Spain in 1898 and Germany in 1917 and other countries.

Accordingly, Sharyl Attkisson is covering in the book “The Smear” , How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote

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