How was Sondland coached?

Sondland’s Quid Pro Quo allegation has nothing to do with the holding of military aid allegation that was already debunked. It was inserted by Schiff coaching team as an attempt to move the goal post.

Orchestration of the Whistle-Blower Op-Ed

Accordingly with new evidence and the timing of the Whistle-Blower scandal we can conclude that it was orchestrated and purchased by political activists in congress, opposition research or media. The language of the whistle blower text is exactly as a premeditated Op-Ed with no evidence The letter resembles WAPO narratives from before the conversations with … Continue reading “Orchestration of the Whistle-Blower Op-Ed”

Pelosi Caught on a Lie

When asked about Schiff making up the text of a transcript, Pelosi told the public on TV that Schiff didn’t make up the words of the president conversation. The transcript of the welcome call between President Trump and newly elected Ukraine president Zelensky was released with the permission of the Ukrainians and undermined her allegations. … Continue reading “Pelosi Caught on a Lie”

Tapper Misleading Fact Checks

CNN-Tapper narrative that the prosecutor Shokin had to be fired bites him back in the hand since other prospectors and officials where extorted not to investigate American corrupt people.

How Democrats use RINOs

By definition the term “Republican In Name Only” refers to the people who are working against the collective interest of the GOP. The term DINO, which refers to “Democrat In Name Only” is virtually extinct. This is evidence that the Democrat apparatus has an arsenal of sticks and carrots to overturn GOP representatives to support … Continue reading “How Democrats use RINOs”

Is There a Biden Oligarchy?

in some sense what Biden was doing overseas with other governments, energy companies and judicial intervention is worse the what some Oligarchs are doing in Ukraine

Why Democrat spies are not in jail?

The “de facto” agenda of the democrat party and CNN, is to remove the president from office at all costs.
To achieve that the invest a lot of efforts and plan plots to constantly undermine, smear and harass the presidency or the president appointees

Reuters in intervening in Israeli Elections

Reuters has decided to publish a negative connotative article on the very same day of elections. It seems to be a push by the plaintiffs lawyers which the Hague and Reuters fell to the trap and didn’t do their homework. There is a pending lawsuit which has ex-general as defndant that relates to the 2014 … Continue reading “Reuters in intervening in Israeli Elections”