Congressmen Obstructing the 1st Amendment

Biased decision makers in the intelligence community are currently colluding with lawmakers to deplatform and harm websites that enable whistle blowers expose their party’s and their friends illegal behavior, bias or corruption. They are targeting, forcing to close, and demoting those platforms by biased framing and taking out of context events or posts made by planted trolls or extremists in those platforms.

These parties are colluding with smear campaigns using the mainstream media and big tech against those platforms trying to blame them on disasters, mass shootings and other news events. By using these posts they are creating a pretext denying other law abiding citizens their freedom of speech and communications. Organization like ADL and MediaMatters are constantly watching and targeting those platforms and later on use biased congressmen, law enforcement friends biased bureaucrats and activists in the media. They are using this tactic on platforms that allow subscribers to promote posts that don’t alienate with their agenda. They don’t expose or target the other big tech companies, since these companies are managed by decision makers that support their political views through content demotion and demonetization.

There is a ongoing persecution of any platform that enables equal free speech to members like “Q”, Rep. Devin Nunes, James Woods or “Project Veritas” can expose bias, political hypocrisy or corruption of big-tech or political activists or conspirators. Those people are targeting platforms that don’t ban or demote content that doesn’t suit their narratives. Sometimes those parties send planted trolls that are posting forbidden speeches in order to set up those platforms and make an excuse which will enable them investigate, smear or demote. Those congressmen and bad cops are defending the other mainstream platforms by not giving them the same treatment in hearings and investigations and by use of a biased Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act interpretation.

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