Comey & Conflict of Interests

New allegations arise that Comey’s daughter had a conflict of interests while being the lead prosecutor in the Epstein case. Serious questions should be asked if she knew about his suicidal conditioning or about her family ties to the Clintons or DNC and who benefited from Epstein death. Also she could be asked what did she do to prevent his suicide. James Comey’s declared that his wife and kids where pro Hilary.

James Comey covered up HRC for the email scandal with a “slap on the wrist” – Loretta Lynch plan and pushed the Trump entrapment investigations and leaks. Epstein was about to disclose the DNC ties with the establishment and Comey associates and friends. This makes her the last person suited for controlling Epstein depositions, witness and evidence selection since Epstein knowledge might implicate her family ties and financials. If she was put in the prosecution team as a fox that guards the hens (damage control) it is a failure of the justice system to protect the people from the elite.

Her father said in an ABC interview that his wife and daughters “marched in the ‘Women’s March’ the day after President Trump’s inauguration,”

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