Delay in FOIA processing

New tendency to delay the release of FOIA documents including relevant material that might debunk Mueller narrative and agenda. The idea is to redact, stonewall and delay the information delivery to later then 24th of July (instead of 22nd as promised before) in order to help cover-up the wrong conclusions, investigation procedures, directions and unprofessional blind eye turning of Mueller team.

This is to avoid questioning Mueller due hearings in the 24th, on his conduct of not investigating the FBI behavior and their collusion and cooperation with Cloudstrike, Schiff and the DNC in many respects.

The real purpose is to clear Mueller and MSNBC narrative that the DNC server, Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Donna Brezile emails were supposedly done by Russians instead of American sources. This was done, among other reasons, in order to help Hillary Clinton allegation that she lost the elections because of Russian intervention and not because of the fact public saw her for what she and Obama regime were. A second reason for this narrative is to give legitimization of the effort of MSNBC, Lawmakers and McCabe to smear and try to entrap the president while trying to rollback the results of the 2016 elections and cover up the intervention of the IC in 2016/2018 elections and their results.

The complaint also mentions an interesting development in my ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FBI. The feds claimed they had no information pertaining to Seth Rich, but they appear to be changing their tune. Shortly after Attorney General William Barr announced plans to declassify documents related to the Russian Collusion Hoax, the FBI’s attorney informed me that new documents were being processed. I should receive them not later than July 22, 2019. The DNC’s objections to our subpoenas for “Russian hacking’ information are also due on July 22, 2019, and production is due on August 8, 2019.”

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