IG Favouritism for Democrats

It is unlikely possible tthat only one lawyer decided by himself to defraud the FISA court without the blessing of his bosses.

Michael Horowitz report on 17 irregularities tries to purvey a scenario that the only severe action was the altering of a CIA email by FBI lawyer altered in order to get an illegal FISA approval to spy on American citizens. It is unlikely that the lawyer decided by himself to defraud FISA application paperwork without his bosses approval, directions or request. The IG determined Kevin Clinesmith and Steele acquaintances in the FBI/DOJ were involved in the doctoring evidence and leading a process of political spying and entrapments. Those were excuses to create conduit for a political spying and harming Trump circle using IC resources judges, media and DOJ and State Department bureaucrats.

The IG report tries to protect Comey, Page, McCabe or Strzok as participants or promoters of an illegal use of the Intelligence Community resources and the media to harm the presidency or the GOP. Promoting a political investigation and set-upping Trump, Papadoupolos, General Flynn and Carter Page was done for covering up for the DNC-FBI-Crowdstrike machinations and the intervention of the IC in USA elections in 2012 and 2016..

“…several sources are now indicating that the Horowitz report will essentially be a whitewash that funnels all the blame on one lower level, already fired lawyer named Kevin Klinesmith, and give everyone else a free pass… “


It is likely that all of the people involved, including Horowitz, will be trying to throw under the bus what they call a “Low level FBI lawyer”. One of the indicators of the IG narrative relies on the covering up of the Strzok favouritism with FISA judge Contreras . Both were involved in facilitating a political biased FISA made by FBI/DOJ bad actors that cut corners that undermine the first amendment. The other indicator is the missing evidence collected on the hill on Anderson who was the one who rubber-stamped for Comey the verification of the Steele dossier as evidence for the FISA court and dind’t look into DNC use of Russians and Ukrainians to harm Trump.

Anderson also told us that “[the FBI] would have been derelict in our responsibilities had we not opened the case,” and that a foreign power allegedly colluding with a presidential candidate or his team members was a threat to our nation that the FBI was obligated to investigate under its counterintelligence mission.

Anderson testimony that the FBI wanted to investigate and spy on Trump team while turning a blind eye on the collusion of HRC with Russians, Australians, Ukrainians and Englishmen to intervene in the elections on behalf of the DNC by digging dirt , spying and framing the GOP campaign .

The refusal of the IG, Priestap , Baker and others to investigate the other side of the isle is a serious indicator of bias and wrongdoings sequestrated bye Obama appointees.. Emerging evidence suggests that relations between FBI/DOJ with Crowdstrike, Law firms, and politicians made the FBI eager to promote an artificial investigation of Trump campaign while suppressing any investigation of DNC collusion with Russia, China, UK and Ukraine meddling with USA elections .

The international collusion between Democrat lawmakers, bureaucrats and Obama entourage made more impact on voters in regards to the outcome the 2016-2018 elections. Since 2016 the nation is facing a continuous partisan unconstitutional attempt to undermine the executive promoted by media brainwash, spying on Republican officials and lawmakers and abuse of the impeachment institution.

Further, Special Counsel Robert 5. Mueller III concluded that the Russian government interfered with the 2016 U.S. elections through a social media campaign that favored then candidate Trump and disparaged then candidate Clinton, and through cyber intrusion operations against entities and individuals working on the Clinton Campaign. See The Special Counsel’s Report, Vol. I at 1, 4-7.

IG report Pg. 50

The IG decided to expand Mueller wrong premise that Russians or other nationals intervened in elections and USA politics only against Democrats. This insinuation is a part of a narrative that tries to hide the collusion of HRC with Russians and delegitimze the results of 2016 elections. Voters are smart enough to vote against HRC without Wikileaks or Russian social media. The bias of the social media and international news media actually was working against the GOP candidate with paid smear campaigns that used IC and agents in other countries with DNC money both in 2016 and 2018. Add to that the fact that monitoring groups and social media trolls and shadow banners lean to forward narratives that damage the GOP since Democrat operatives control social media, telecoms and news-media political agenda.

The narrative that tries to delegitimise elections on the merits of Russian intervention is an unconstitutional move and gas-lighting since most likely international media and UC brainwash was helping HRC then Trump The American wisdom made voters and the electoral college that HRC is unfit to be president after Benghazi, Uranium-1 , the email scandal and so on. Even after the international globalists, the international media and the Comey or Brennan friends tried to brainwash the American people that HRC or Biden are better the Trump.

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