Implications of the Chinese Hack into Equifax

International Cyber Interventionism is not new, but it is raising to a nationwide scale.

for 145 million of Americans (out of 320 Million) personal information and credit score is compromised. Sensitive information is in the hands of the Communist party of China. If you consider minors, spouses and about 30 Million of Americans who don’t use online financial services, that is basically 100%.

Equifax hacked by China military, means that all American citizens that have financial transactions or hold sensitive information on technology, finances, politics or intelligence can be leveraged to do what the Communist party of China wants. They can have an unlimited and immediate access to a pool of recruitment of willing or unwilling active or dormant spies.

Leveraging of 145 Million Americans credit score & private information is what enabled the theft of technology, production know-how, inside trading info, election intervention & military information as far as 2012 by China & their clients

Chinese Military Personnel Charged with Computer Fraud, Economic Espionage and Wire Fraud for Hacking into Credit Reporting Agency Equifax
Indictment Alleges Four Members of China’s People’s Liberation Army Engaged in a Three-Month Long Campaign to Steal Sensitive Personal Information of Nearly 150 Million Americans
A federal grand jury in Atlanta returned an indictment last week charging four members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) with hacking into the computer systems of the credit reporting agency Equifax and stealing Americans’ personal data and Equifax’s valuable trade secrets.

DOJ Website –

The hackers were able to upload more spying robots and surveil almost any American who has valuable or leverage-able information. .It is an attack on American industry, policies, elections and military. The have the ability to have trade secrets as well as internal trading information for their arms in Wall Street enabling huge amounts of profits from day trades or longer investments portfolio management.

Targeting personal information can be monetised by having advance information on decision making, forecasting, recruitment or sold to terrorist groups or countries.

The leveraging of 145 Million Americans credit score and private information is what enables the theft of technology, production know-how, inside trading info, election intervention & military information as far as 2012 by China & their clients.

The American Agencies that are supposed to protect America and its citizens were dormant in the sense that the waited for Equifax to report this leak instead of being vigilant and taking proactive measures. In that retrospective the biggest winners of Russiagate and Ukrainegate are the Chinese, The benefited from the Media and IC diverting their resources to investigate internal political spying and persecutions focusing on Russia and Ukraine meddling instead of the Intelligence Community being vigilant on the Chinese intervention and spying. Chinese diversion might be also achieved by sweet deals with politicians and Congressmen. Chinese interventionism is also achieved by infiltartion into the education system via Confucius Institute programs and other means.

If Equifax reported the leak in 2017, that means the the Chinese military started the operations at least four years before. Congress and 3 major IC agencies weren’t fulfilling their mission protecting the American people, national security and economic security.

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