Ken Starr Vs. Weissmann

Kenneth Starr special counsel found 11 accounts for proven crimes which led to impeachment proceedings including underlined crimes on president Clinton.

Weissmann, McCabe and Mueller tried to fabricate at least 11 accounts of obstruction but couldn’t prove any of them using $40,000,000 of tax payers money while dividing the American people. They even couldn’t prove any obstruction crime on any other member in the inner circle, which makes Mueller, Nadler, Pelosi and Schiiff allegations about OLC guidance false .

The DNC apparatus with the help of intelligence community tried to fabricate a crime of collusion with Russia on the president inner circle in order to remove him, harass the executive and affect the 2018 and 2020 elections but . This was done using Russian assets but Mueller team maliciously covered it up, although the appointment letter specifically stated that all related matters should be investigated.

As far as the GOP campaign they couldn’t establish any crime of conspiracy with Russians but they covered up collusion of the DNC with Russia and Ukraine which makes this probe a political baseless biased persecution.

If another special counsel had the same amount of resources, lawyers and entrapment methods, they would be able to state that they can’t exonerate Nadler, Cummings, Pelosi or Schiff on obstruction or other crimes, the same way Mueller did.

It wouldn’t even pass the supreme court, but meanwhile Pelosi and colleagues are using Mueller harassment attempt as part as their 2020 campaign.

Author: Myth Watch

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