Pelosi Caught on a Lie

When asked about Schiff making up the text of a transcript, Pelosi told the public on TV that Schiff didn’t make up the words of the president conversation. The transcript of the welcome call between President Trump and newly elected Ukraine president Zelensky was released with the permission of the Ukrainians and undermined her allegations.

The transcript was made public to uncover an ongoing alleged combined plot of CIA bureaucrats, Pelosi, Brennan and CNN effort to subvert the presidency and the democrat process or obstruct justice. In ONE-TO-ONE program George Stephanopoulos told Pelosi that Schiff have been reading a fake transcript of words that “weren’t the President words, it was an interpenetration of the words, He (Schiff) made it up”. Pelosi contradicted the facts and held that “he didn’t make it up”.

Even Schriff himself acknowledged that it was a parody which makes it a sick unlawful doxing. His seriousness while reading a meticulously prepared paper in front of millions was an attempt to twist the facts, maliciously subvert into a baseless impeachment and a criminal attempt to smear and attack the executive.

Since Pelosi lied in a TV show and not in her duty at the house floor, and since she pushed a smearing campaing and an agenda to subvert the presidency she might not be immune to lawsuit.

Analysis on what motivates Pelosi’s agenda

The idea is to deflect public opinion and the DOJ from investigating Biden and other Democrats over their corruption and use of American sovereignty, assets and government position to enrich themselves through dealings with Ukraine, China and other countries while using their ties to smear the president or harm the GOP image and political chances.

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Adam Schiff participation in the Machinations to subvert the presidency

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