Tapper Misleading Fact Checks

CNN-Tapper narrative that the prosecutor Shokin had to be fired bites him back in the hand since other prospectors and officials where extorted not to investigate American corrupt people.

There is no discussion that in some sense what Biden was doing overseas with other governments, energy companies and judicial intervention is worse the what some Oligarchs are doing in Ukraine itself and other countries.

Calling the Foreign Prosecutor “SOB” and saying that Obama backs him on intervention in Ukrainian affairs to push his firing “within 6 hours” is virtually international racketeering and in some sense Ukraine can sue Biden and his government in the Hague.

CNN and Tapper deliberately are covering up their journalistic duty of investigating the ring of extortion which included some bureaucrats from Kerry’s administration as a misuse of government power. They prefer smearing the people that do the job they should have done creating another misleading planned “Fact Check” like Spygates, Irak WMD and Medicare.

Tapper Modus Operandi of “Fact Checks”

Tapper crossed the line while literally barking impolitely on Rep, Jim Jordan and claiming falsely that the Prosecutor in Ukraine didn’t investigate Corruption under Shokin. His statement is counted-checked by Ukrainian Officials and Documents. Also the fact that other European countries wanted Shokin removed is counter evidence.

European policy as a state of liaises affairs doesn’t allow intervention in internal investigations unless corrupt members in the EU have corrupt motives similar to Tapper’s motives. Oligarchs in Europe are ripping off Ukraine the same way as Oligarchs in USA, Russia and Ukraine itself. Burisma policies make unbearable the prices of heating energy to Ukrainian residents while making rich people like Hunter Biden getting more moeny or other benefits. Their common goal was to vilify the prosecutor so he wouldn’t expose their corruption done by ripping off the Ukrainian people of their own resources.

When Stalin intervened in Ukraine in 1933 the people in the bread basket of Europe where literally dying of hunger. Ukraine has rich agriculture, resources and raw materials including energy, but for more then 100 years other countries where using Ukrainian Establishment and Oligarchs as well social vulnerability to exploit them globally.

The Ukrainian people had been ripped off by Stalin in 1933, the 3rd Reich in 1941 and by American, European, Russian Oligarchs since Obama took office while taking their vulnerable geopolitical situation. The Biden “Family and Friends” intervention makes American Oligarchs rich on expense of the Ukrainian people. American Energy Oligarchs work in sync with their Ukrainian Oligarchy persecuting whoever is investigating them.

Oligarchs in the USA came up with a blacklisting campaign and paid some paid for organised “demonstrations” against Shokin polluted with miss-information from the Mainstream Media and State department so CNN would use it a tasty “Fact Check” for baking American Oligarchy intervention.

It is not the first time that corrupt businessmen intervene in the internal judicial system through the state department. The U.S.. Embassy directed to obstruct justice in Ukraine so people like Hunter Biden will not be exposed. Also Prosecutor Lutsenko stated that :

Lutsenlo statement about intervention in internal prosecution by the USA embassy.

In direct line there is are some investigation going on in how this oligarchs coluded with Ukraine embassy and USA Intelligence community to undermine the president and his election. This is what makes CNN and the DNC afraid and this might have driven the planning and execution of the Whistle Blower hoax.

So CNN-Tapper narrative that the prosecutor Shokin had to be fired bites him back in the hand since other prospectors and officials where extorted not to investigate American corrupt people.

Shokin statement that his investigation on Burisma corruption and Hunter Biden was conversely stopped.

Biden and Clinton’s oligarchical behaviour is worse then Ukrainian Oligarchs in the sense that they use coercion, government position and Billions of taxpayers money for racketeering other countries, getting board participation, intervening in internal politics, with quid pro quo dealings or implied threats.

As opposed to the Biden’s family who got richer and board appointments through connections and government positions, the president made his wealth through hard work, risk, entrepreneurship and leadership without the help of the Democrat party.

Accordingly with new evidence and the timing of the Whistle-Blower scandal we can conclude that it was orchestrated and purchased by political activists in congress, CNN, opposition research or other media.

The idea is to deflect public opinion and the DOJ from investigating Biden and Biden’s son over their corruption and use of American sovereignty, assets and government position to enrich themselves through dealings with Ukraine, China and other countries.

Another “Fact Check” of Tapper is recently revealed to be false. He stated the the whistle-blower wan’t politically motivated. NYT refutes that by stating that the letter was prepared or drafted with Adam Skiff entourage as a political narrative or “hit job”.

Tapper mentioned that the president claim that a lot of people want to look into Biden corruption is “Inaccurate”. This is another of Tapper Fake news, since at least 63,000,000 persons want to look into Biden-Obama-HRC corruption and national and international elections meddling this one of the reasons HRC lost the elections.

JUNE 6, 2017:
CNN’s Gloria Borger, Eric Lichtblau, Jake Tapper and Brian Rokus; and ABC’s Justin Fishel and Jonathan Karl reported that Comey was going to refute Donald Trump’s claim that Comey told Trump three times he was not under investigation. Instead, Comey did the opposite and confirmed Trump’s claim.


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