Orchestration of the Whistle-Blower Op-Ed

Accordingly with new evidence and the timing of the Whistle-Blower scandal we can conclude that it was orchestrated and purchased by political activists in congress, opposition research or media.

Not the first time that CIA officials are meddling with political entrapment and persecution inside the USA and overseas
  • The language of the whistle blower text is exactly as a premeditated Op-Ed with no evidence
  • The letter resembles WAPO narratives from before the conversations with Ukraine. It has the same language, allegations and purposes.
  • The whistle blower claims others think like him, but no one came forward
  • His friends in bureaucracy have the same hate agenda since they supported HRC or donated to the DNC as most of Obama appointees in the bureaucracy
  • The whistle Blower admits he didn’t have any direct evidence
  • The whistle blower was found by the IG as a person who pushes a political agenda.
  • The whistle blower mentions others as evidence. He doesn’t mention that his friends in bureaucracy are part of his echo chamber and have also a political agenda even when working for the government
  • The whistle blower is using his position and salary from public funds to create a defamation allegation knowing that it is almost impossible to fire lying bureaucrats.
  • The whistle-blower was instructed by Adam-Schiff-agenda-pushers to target William Barr and Rudy Giuliani with no evidence which is not a part of an objective legitimate complaint.
  • The Whistle Blower “Sentenced” Giuliani and Barr as guilty with no evidence in his language. This resembles what WAPO-CNN-NBC think tank is using for more then 2 years and probably he/she was already brainwashed by this narrative or bought into it.
  • Everyone knew the Giuliani was the whistle blower on Biden, Comey and HRC corruption, so the political person that prepared the letter for the whistle blower made a big mistake by targeting him disclosing the Whistle blower think tank illegitimate intentions and collusion. This shows that the letter was fabricated as an op-ed like the fake letters and articles that the bureaucrats in France prepared on Dreyfus.
  • The buildup of the Whistle Blower hoax is a repetition of the Spygate hoax in the pace, timing, inflating, media coordination, social media trolling, Shciff-Nadler investigating patterns and bead crumbs
  • The whistle blower doesn’t recognize the constitutional executive power and the right of the American people to trust their president to negotiate, or leverage confidential talks with other country leaders.
  • The Whistle Blower and Adam Shciff don’t recognize that the DOJ, DNI, State Department work for the president and not for DNC or WAPO political hacks.
  • What Biden did with Ukraine is a bigotry, extortion and illegitimate family and friends quid pro quo enrichment. Even if the allegations of the whistle blower were to be true it is nothing compared to Dems and Biden’s ways of extortion or Blood trail or corruption.
  • Trump and others have the right to be the whistle blowers of Obama-Biden regime bigotry.
  • The whistle blower didn’t whistle-blow on Biden, HRC, Kerry, Obama and others on their improper use of coercive quid pro quo arrangements with China, Iran, Ukraine, UK, Australia and other countries.
  • The whistle blower didn’t denounce Biden use of American grants to extort the judiciary system foreign affairs in Ukraine and other countries
  • The Whistle blower conveniently didn’t whistleblow on Brennan-Comey or his friends in the bureaucracy trying to implicate and trap the president and his aids using Ukraine, UK or other countries.
  • The illegitimate purpose of the media and Congress majority to target Giuliani and Barr is because they might have evidence to prosecute Biden and his Son.
  • Adam Schiff language and the whistle blower letter was prepared by congress staff, political instigators or opposition research that don’t respond to the law.
  • The language narrative in WAPO, CNN, NBC is orchestrated and pushes the same narrative.
  • After all attempts to impeach were frustrated because of lack of evidence, The Democrats came up with an unprecedented idea of impeaching with unfunded vague hate letter that summarizes WAPO op-eds with no evidence and not verifying facts.
  • Nadler and others promissed to impeach for political reasons at all costs. The preparation, propagation and smears of the WB-Op-Ed was planned excuse.
  • There is a collusion between Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, WAPO or others to impeach the president at all costs as 2020 is approaching
  • attack and the media to create an impeachment agenda based on help from Trump hater
  • The tactic of Schiff in attacking and investigating DNI head for not disclosing the whistle blower op-ed is a media smear campaign to cover up the non existing evidence of wrongdoing and to incite the media against the president. The DNI head has the right of not discligin political persecutions of corrupt or biased bureaucrats or unfounded allegation.
  • Everyone can create or propagate an op-ed whistle-blowing letter or report stating as “proof” that others told them stories. So did Downer, Ohr, Comey, Halper and others when trying to entrap their political opponents or to fabricate a dossier.
  • The timing of Pelosi announcement of impeachment was coordinated to be in effect when Trump was in the United Nations dealing with other head of states.
  • The lawyer that represents the whistle-blower was a staffer of HRC and Schumer and probably help to draft the Whistleblower Op-Ed as a hit job on Trump ordered by Schumer entourage.
  • The DOJ determined in August that the whistle blower allegation of violation on election campaign finance laws was baseless and politically motivated. The whistle blower wasn’t a concerned citizen when Democrats violated election laws and had donation form China, Russia, Ukraine, UK, and other countries.
  • WAPO and the Democrats in Congress decided to launch an impeachment hoax based on snowflakes in order to hide from the public agend the upcoming reports on spying using fake FISA and fabricated dossiers used by Democrat envoys and Mueller.
  • The whistle blower works for the CIA where Brennan is still manipulating workers and helping smear campaign.

The idea is to deflect public opinion and the DOJ from investigating Biden and Biden’s son over their corruption and use of American sovereignty, assets and government position to enrich themselves through dealings with Ukraine, China and other countries. . main narrative is to deflect the DOJ and public agenda from bringing them to justice as well as charging Comey and McCabe signing on fake FISAs.

The whistle blower narrative was planned as an unprecedented trick to impeach without any sustainable evidence by inflating an hoax without disclosing real evidence or collecting real evidence. This is planned and executed after all attempts, methods and hoaxes where debunked. It should be investigated if the people who prepared and propagated the WB-Op-Ed are the same people that perpetrated Spygate, Russiagate, Ukraingate, UKGate, MaltaGate, Australiagate, MueellerGate, Weissmanngates, Brennangate and others.

Since the language of Adam Shciff and the whistle blower resembles and Adam Shciff was found lying about the president conspiring with Russians it has to be investigated if the whistleblower, Pelosi and Adam Schiff are colluding in the new attempt to go after the president as well as the other attempts.

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