Why Democrat Prosecutors are off the hook?

Many bureaucrats in the Intelligence Community, DOJ, State department work under the threat of the democrat racketeering apparatus. They fear for their livelihood, taxes and families or are just afraid of being outcasted, entrapped or being part of a political blood trail. This is why they participate in smear campaigns, stonewall justice, manipulate witnesses and evidence, extort, undermine or spy on Trump, judges and other international corporations and head of states.

So far donations counts in the bureaucracy are about 9:1 in favor of the Democrat party, and this is how they control and manipulate who to investigate and who they go after or how to use the system for gaining votes.

There are many cases where those bureaucrats are “owned favors” by the Democrat party and after retiring they open companies or work as consultants gaining biased contracts from their friends in the Democrat apparatus and media. This is why McCabe and Brennan are working for the mainstream media and why Clowdstrike was a contractor both for the FBI and the DNC at the same time.

Crowdstrike management, contract favouritism and funding comes from ex FBI and IC agents who were friends of Mueller and Democrat apparatus decision makers. This is why Mueller didn’t bring to justice Democrat lawmakers, Crowdstike, Perkins Coie, Nelly Ohr, Steele feeders or other people who intervened in government and elections and blamed Russia. This is also the reason why Mueller used illegal FISA and methods to double down and entrap on Papadoupolos, Flynn, Corsi, Roger Stone, Carter Page and so on as perpetrated by his protege Comey or his colleagues.

The cloud of politcal use of FISA

Basically they use the same methods of the British empire of national and international racketeering and elite protection before WWI. Today they have better methods because they use databases, NSA server access, data mining, social media and FISA judges using influence or contracted firms like Perkins Coie, Clowdstrike, Mediamatters, Mother Jones, CNN or others.

The "de facto" agenda of the democrat party and CNN, is to remove the president from office at all costs. 
To achieve that they invest a lot of efforts and plan plots to constantly undermine, smear and harass the presidency or the president appointees.

This is put into action using establishment media the democrat apparatus and Obama appointees, including Comey and Brennan. It was always the mission of that party to remove, go after, blacklist and harm GOP candidates, president or his appointees. but today it an all out war– more blunt, digital, comprehensive. orchestrated, malicious and IC weaponized. They invest millions in opposition research, big tech, law firms to try and undermine the presidency with entrapment schemes, spying, bribing, coercing, harassing or smearing.

Whenever there is a chance of bringing to justice or disclosing a corruption there is an orchestrated plot that creates an artificial event, inflates it and creates a media hoax that would cover up or deflect a true investigation on their corruption. The smoking gun can be seen by the terms and preemptive targeting agenda and coercive their use of the machinery of bigtech-media-IC smear dossier generation and propagation factory. Democrats usually blaming others for their crimes pulling out of the drawer a ready smearing dossier. Russiagate was used on MaCain when he was GOP candidate using the same methods and people including Glen Simpson and US Senate and Congress members and staffers.

To deal with Rudy Giuliani whistle blowing on Democrat people exploiting and racketeering Ukraine, China, Libia and others they created ” whistle blower ” op-ed as deflecting weapon using WAPO, adam Schiff, NBC and CNN. To hide their crimes of using Russia for political and financial gains they had a massive defamation operation blame for the Russiagate scandal. They contracted FBI and CIA operatives all over the world and used illegal FISA spying, unmasking and upstream and downstream NSA information. The legal pretext was achieved by laundering the illegal use through contractors, international ICs and corrupt lawmakers who were part of the plot.

These are well planned and orchestrated plots using funds, extortion and biased people like Mueller to push and create unsustainable agenda as well as vote fraud. When one hoax is uncovered they have from Sunday 6 ways of undermining and smearing hoaxes to move on. Elitist Shcumer is not even afraid of using these racketeering words of weaponizing the IC for his and Comey’s and Brennan political agenda.

How Jury Selection is done in DC

The racketeering apparatus uses threatening dossiers, blacklisting techniques, NSA systems, quid pro quo media favouritism, Intelligence Community systems, leaks, entrapment, biased extorting plea deals, bureaucrats, law firms , lawmakers and Big tech infrastructure or management.

“Is this the Judge that put Paul Manafort in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, something that not even mobster Al Capone had to endure?” 


This is why HRC , Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Halper or Biden are not brought to justice for their international predatory behavior, breach of trust, corruption, spying or abuse of power and tax payers money.

More then that, they still use their positions and threatening power to move forward with undermining the presidency and paralyzing congress or vote fraud through big tech, IC, labor unions, and media intervention.

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