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The Establishment and mainstream media agendas have major influence on election results. candidates appointment and their public endorsement and coverage.

The Tyranny of Media-Ocracy

The Establishment and mainstream media agendas have major influence on election results. candidates appointment and their public endorsement and coverage. The media can affect conflict escalation, government spending and taxation, bureaucracy appointments, prosecutors and investigators decision on what to investigate, how to investigate and who to protect or make immunity deals with. In that regards the decision to give immunity to the people who destroyed HRC emails was derived from DOJ tendency to believe what the mainstream media propagated about HRC winning the elections as well as their support for the Democratic party who promoted them in the bureaucracy.

The public opinion and bureaucracy alienation as well as cover-up of corruption is made by manipulation of public agenda. There is difference between public agenda and Establishment agenda. The public agenda is a set of artificial beliefs on what is important to the public majority or elite as well as what should be addressed by the government, lawmakers, news and judiciary as well and on how how to deal with this issues. Whoever controls opinions and manipulates beliefs has the power to alienate public agenda and resources allocation.Establishment agenda does not necessarily needs to manipulate public agenda as long as the public is not aware of the “where”s and to “how”s the Establishment exploits the public.

From the other end Establishment agenda is the set of means and goals set by the Establishment to make itself more powerful and richer as well as protecting the acquired power and assets on expense of the people who are not part of the Establishment. Establishment agenda can be protected, promoted or hidden by manipulation of public agenda. This mechanization is done the mainstream media and associates using lobbyists, law-firms, public relation agents and mainstream intellectuals by use of cover-ups, news alerts, narratives, repetition, brainwash, propaganda, implicit and explicit coercion, threats and other tools.

One of the coercion tools is the information gathered on each individual (allowed by unconstitutional laws like the FISA and NSA mechanisms) that the establishment and mainstream media can use later on for implicit or explicit coercion on individuals and agencies. The NSA and the Feds have the tools to manipulate human behavior of Government and citizens even without doing anything since they have the ability to attach felonies to whoever they want and transfer this information to the mainstream media.

In his book Three Felonies a day, Harvey Silvergate explains:“The pressure on innocent defendants to plead guilty and “cooperate” by testifying against others in exchange for a reduced sentence is enormous—so enormous that such cooperating witnesses often fail to tell the truth, saying, instead, what prosecutors want to hear”.

Ever since 1898 (“USS Maine” incident) the mainstream media was manipulating public opinion and had been pushing the military, congress and government indirectly and directly to get involved in wars and conflicts. Mainstream media also was influencing to which geographical extent and time the conflict should be expanded nationwide and overseas.

Many times this manipulation is carried out colluding with the Establishment industrial complex who benefits from armament production, transportation contracts, export, construction, mining, financial services and so on, In that respect the media is also part of the “industrial complex” namely the press industry, broadcast industry, social media industry, digital industry, polling industry and advertisement industry. The same was happening in Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia and UK in 1914 as well as in fends of the establishment. One can argue that WW1 and the Civil war wouldn’t be carried out for 4 years if the mainstream media and royalty advisors wouldn’t be inciting the governments to raise their stakes and risks.

After the war started the media had a key role in keeping the war going on and expanding it. The media voiced narratives that where fueling and fueled by escalation of commitment with which resulted in the military killing more and more people. The narratives even justified the unjustifiable by blaming the enemy inside and outside and the covering-up the on national decision makers responsibility on losses generated by the enemy. The narratives where absorbed by the people because they were aiming at generating harm to the enemy as retaliation, vindication and vengeance. If Germany, UK, France and Russia would have known from the beginning the number of losses they would suffer they wouldn’t get started, but after the war got yo the breaking point of the “one dollar auction game” it was too late for retreating or going back.

In the digital era the mass media, prosecution-investigation agencies (like the DOJ and FBI) and social networks enable the use of their power as means of tyranny, political microtargeting and public opinion manipulation. Some media outlets, social media platforms, hired political and PR companies have a ban list of targeted ideological opponents that they seek to destroy, smear, surveil or attack in a way more effective and updated then Stalin-Commissars targeting.

The political targeting lists and red flagging alerts use malicious algorithms which are derived from advertising microtargeting technologies that emerged and evolved in the business and intelligence sectors.. The mainstream media can restrict other media and whistle-blowers by demonetizing, attaching a “non suited” label for advertisers, planting fake news, removing whistle-blowers materials, orchestrating repetitive anti factual agenda or vilifying, labeling, targeting, oppressing and banning whoever don’t comply with the mainstream media narrative and Establishment support. In that sense, the constitution freedom of expression idea is used against the first amendment intention which is to supply information and to denounce government misbehavior or policy, whereas, currently. the media is used as a tool for the Establishment to coerce or alienate the individual and bureaucrats to act accordingly with their agenda via smear campaign, repetitive biased narrative, political digital and social media targeting and filtering or shadow-banning. “Twitter executives Vijaya Gadde and Kayvon Beykpour conceded in a Thursday evening blog post that Twitter’s algorithm had limited the Republican congressmen’s visibility on the site.. ”

When social media and mainstream media blogs blocks, restricts, demonetizes or shadowban Republican or whistle-blower information and ideas it infringes the first amendment, the freedom of information acts as well as other infringements, Worse for them, it also incriminates them because it makes them also responsible of all hate crime, incitement and defamation that is posted there which they didn’t moderate, since the terms and conditions that they are not responsible for whatever is written on their platform is not valid anymore.

Another attack on the fairness of elections and voters manipulation comes from the Artificial Intelligence technologies that generate deepfake news on the mainstream media and social media. Malicious algorithms are put together to create a text, video or photo news on the fly and create fake bots accounts on the fly and websites that propagate the information, comments, shares and likes in a chain reaction. Facebook started deleting thousands of accounts that were used to propagate the Russian Collusion narrative right after the Non-Collusion decision of the Mueller probe because they are afraid of being sued.

These propagation and synthesization information technologies were put in place in some states during the 2018 elections and probably in the 2016 elections and are evolving quickly. Reid Hoffman, a billionaire who was allegedly involved in a false information campaign in Alabama, played a crucial role in developing software capable of creating “deepfake” news articles, sources confirmed.

The most dangerous threat of the deepfake news is the propagation mechanism and masking wich makes the individual believe of its authenticity and social acceptance. The idea being that if a deepfake news or narrative shows in many channels and many flavours and commentaries then more people believe of its authenticity accordingly with Goebbels malicious repetitiveness doctrine. In April, the film director Jordan Peele and BuzzFeed released a deep fake of Barack Obama calling Trump a “total and complete dips***”

Malicious attachment of hashtags and links is also method of discrediting whisle-blowers, outcasting, labeling, excommunicating, smearing and extremistizing When Dinesh Dsouza released a documentary on Democrats modus-operandi a conspirator released a tweet “promoting” the film documentary with “bring back slavery” hashtag, so most of the public would envision him as an extremist racist. Dinesh himself fell in the trap and retweeted this tweet because he didn’t notice this trap so he later on was targeted and labeled as racist by academia and the public members that even don’t remember how they came to believe in the “racist” label

A site that fell to the hashtag trap making the case, that biased groups and agendas overlook the possibility that they bought into fake news:

To conclude one can say that the Media-Industry-Complex works with the Establishment with a common goal of controlling news, government and public agenda, cover-up, smearing and voting manipulation. The digital era elements of the Media-Industry-Complex include: targeters also

  1. Mainstream Media Press, Newsroom, Broadcasts, Commentators and Websites
  2. Bots, persons and academia who propagate biased news and narratives on the air, social events and on campuses
  3. Tank think box decision makers who formulate the media strategy, narrative, budgeting and intended public agendas
  4. Social Media platforms owners and moderators and chain post facilitators
  5. Entities who create the algorithms and mechanisms of generating brainwash on the fly including deepfake news and internet traffic,
  6. Media liaisons who move-leak the news from and to Lobbies, military, industry and bureaucracy
  7. People who spin and plant biased news and luring news, out of context links, shares, comments and hashtags
  8. “Targeters” who make predatory lists of people that should be which hunted down by the media and FBI-DOJ and try to destroy whistle-blowers and delete and filter information that contradicts the complex agenda.
  9. Indoctrination commissars, These people take care of restricting anti-establishment whistle blowers and voicing “prominent” historians, Academia members and journalists biased narratives They would be shaping the public opinion by promoting mainstream narratives and reality interpretation that comply with Establishment agenda and identity politics.

The media-industrial-complex works closely with the networks, public and private schools , universities. The also help making guidelines on admissions, grades, freedom of speech, research, grants and curriculum alienation and indoctrination. They also run the black shirts and Antifa actions in campuses, with the same methodology and rhetoric of Mussolini black shirts.

Antifa attacked Carlson’s house after he was targeted with biased news and demonetizing efforts by organized media cartel. The action and his address release was made by deleted tweets of instigators who use to set the guidelines and action points for Antifa and related groups.violent actions and smear campaigns.

“Tucker Carlson wasn’t merely ‘targeted by protesters,’ as some media reported. His family was terrorized by a mob of 20 people who vandalized his property,”

They also deny equal and fair access and fair chance for opinions, lectures, debates, equal freedom of expression to others, The indoctrinators also promote demonstrations, obstruction riots, social banning in campuses, workplaces (including bureaucracy) and the media. They also teach in campuses how to promote their agenda and how to combat other agendas and whistle blowers by tagging their opposition “”Far-Right ” or other similar labels, even though they target moderate right and other whistle blowers as well. New York University has hired Talia Lavin as an adjunct journalism professor less than a year after the former New Yorker fact checker resigned after falsely accusing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent of having a Nazi tattoo. Source:

The biased course of anti “far” right indoctrination in NYU is taught by far left journalist and there is non similar anti-far left journalism course in the same campus “The course will also teach students vital tactics in identifying and tracking the spread of far-right movements online.”

NYU had the audacity contracting Tali Lavin as a far-left course tutor who resigned from New Yorker after it was uncovered she was targeting ICE worker for her far-left agenda, Tali was also contracted by “Media Matters” which targets Democratic Establishment Opposition and Fox News journalists, sources and commentators. “Over the weekend, social media perpetuated by a tweet by New Yorker reporter Talia [Lavin] erroneously implied that a tattoo on one of his arms was an Iron Cross and essentially labeled him a Nazi. Source: ICE Website

The lack of a similar courses that would deal with “far-left” journalism at NYU and other prominent campuses is against the first amendment guideline and against voting fairness which is derived from public opinion alienation. Moreover, the far-left media commissars wrote the book on Technics of manipulation of public opinion, biased reporting, smear campaigns, social media bulling, trolling and targeting. Their Hippocratic narrative that their opponents use this tactic is a cover up of their biased media manipulation which is magnitudes more existent and manipulative. Likewise the Smolett case spin-off and other events of auto-victimizing technique for creating fake news is not mentioned at the current NYU curriculum.

Showbiz and celebrities also participate in predatory narrative and targeting process as shown in the Convignton event.\

In an insanely viral tweet, comedian Patton Oswalt called the students in the video “bland, frightened, forgettable kids who’ll grow up to be bland, frightened, forgotten adult wastes.”  Writer Michael Green, referring to Sandmann’s apparentsmirking at the Native American man, wrote: “A face like that never changes. This image will define his life. No one need ever forgive him.” Huffington Post reporter Christopher Mathias explicitly compared the students to violent segregationists. Comedian Kathy Griffin, meanwhile, called for the kids to be doxxed, writing: “Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them.” Her tweet went viral, as well.

If it can be concluded that if the people who decide on NYU curriculum agenda work with the same agenda as Media Matters and Tali Lavin, NYU and other similar institutes should not get any help from federal government funding or any other tax payer money or endorsement.

Dafna Linzer current managing editor of politics for NBC and MSNBC is filtering news that do not conform DNC narrative as a Prabda Commissar.

Reporter: The Head Of NBC News’s Political Coverage Tried To Bully Me Out Of A Scoop — On Behalf Of The DNC

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