Biased and Dishonest Congress Leaders

Some partisan lawmakers and politicians orchestrate with the mainstream media and opposition research entities smear campaigns and push biased articles and troll polls that try bend the overall picture while manipulating the public agenda.

Limited Oversight on the Unlimited Power of Oversight

Nadler, Pelosi & Company are trying to push smear campaigns and artificial “impeachment”, “obstruction” and “contempt” narratives against the executive. We try to check their hypocrisy and their role in the “Insurance Policy” scheme that tries to accuse their opponents on their wrongdoing and that tries to deflect investigation on collusion of their party and media with Obama appointed bureaucrats in the DOJ/FBI/CIA/State Department.

Democratic party supporters collusion took place with Ukraine, British, Maltese, Turkish, Australian, Canadian Dutch, Iranian, Russian and other nationals that had business with businessmen, politicians and foundations working on a quid-pro-quo basis while trying to spy, trap and intervene financially and politically in the elections.

There are too many narratives in the social media and mainstream media which try to echo-chamber a bullying behavior on whoever doesn’t support extreme Democratic persecution agenda. This agenda includes cover-up for two year of lies and smear campaigns on the Russian collusion which was fabricated by the Democartic party apparatus think tank.

A C-Span poll about Barr legitimacy seems to be artificially altered since leftism trolls and double accounts use to push voting in the end and the beginning of the process. During the middle of the polling the votes were against Nadler’s agenda. Most quotes and realtime close captions on broadcast of committee sessions in the Democratic Party media (CNN,MSNBC) and C-Span are politically are biased. The bias can be observed by the language, timing and stressing of quotes that support the Democratic party agenda and the omission of whatever exposes their hypocrisy and an overzealous out of context comments half facts on whatever can be interpreted as a smear against their opponents.

The hate for the president, history of feuds, unfair and undemocratic speaker and chair behavior make them eligible for public oversight.

Lawmakers shouldn’t cover-up for dirty cops in the DOJ/FBI/CIA. These entities should serve the executive that was elected by the people and not subvert a sitting president to their wills and whims as they tried to do with JFK. The politicians that are more aggressive in attacking the president and AG Barr might be part of the operation of weaponizing intelligence community, leaks and oversight committees to target an elected president.

These politicians orchestrate with the mainstream media and opposition research entities smear campaigns and push biased articles and troll polls that try bend th truth and public agenda. Th idea of a well orchestrated mob media attack works also as preemptive trap which would justify delusional illegitimate unprecedented “contempt”, “impeachment” process. We search an answer on what people think if those people deserve the same treatment that he give to others and if this behavior suited for honest lawmakers. Oversight power abuse can only be confronted with people oversight on these corrupt lawmakers or when the firewall of lobbyists, millionaires and media is breached with evidence which is very difficult to uncover due to their unproportional power.

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