Indoctrination in Academy and Education

How a political apparattus makes biased news, biased education and bias public agenda and myths –

Truth Ownership in Echo-Chambers

If an intellectual or historian or a lawyer or a law enforcement individual is a graduate or professor or has a record of public office that doesn’t mean that this individual is the sole owner of the truth. The graduation certificate and media recognition are merely a proof that this individual know how to portray agendas and have a narrative based on methodology that he learned supposedly better then many people who are not in his position. this individual’s way of connecting the dots and presenting the conclusions are not a scientific proof of rightness and factual evidence even having been graduated from Harvard, Westpoint, Journalism school, Quantico or Presidency. The graduation certificate or work record is a document that just give the impression or recognition that:

  • this individual is just more skillful then some other people that are not in the same position
  • or this individual may be better then someone who couldn’t get the degree
  • or that this individual maybe knows the “right people”
  • or maybe this individual was born to the “right family”
  • or maybe this individual did some favors to other decision makers
  • or maybe this individual has proven to the institutions that this individual agrees with their line of thoughts or agenda .
  • or some or all of the above

Moreover, if the establishment or the mainstream media is composed of such individuals there is no guarantee that they will present and emphasize the whole truth if the whole truth doesn’t coincide with their agenda, asset protection. power protection and future income of the establishment. The establishment by definition is motivated in protecting their assets which are generated on the expense of whoever is not part of the establishment and was gained in a non equal way of power and revenue distribution. So by definition, the establishment doesn’t want to expose this asset accumulation process as a protecting measure. This is when the establishment is using the mainstream media for covering up the facts or the events that made those establishment members part of the establishment. While protecting the gained position in the past the establishment makes an alliance with the media mainstream so both can continue accumulating power and future flux of income.

Academic historians are not the owners of history and the facts. They are humans who input and compile some information present a story, present a sequence of partial events, present a narrative and many times promote an agenda. So history is not a science of full facts because historians don’t have all the facts and some of the facts are inherited from other historians or documents in out of context or partial veracity. Whenever decision makers, media or establishment members have to protect themselves they might destroy evidence or hide facts in an active or passive cover-up way, so later historians or inquiry investigators wouldn’t have all facts at hands. History in academia and media is the art of portraying a sequence of events their agency/reasons and outcome connecting the dots filling the missing blanks, not in a scientific way necessarily, and formulating a narrative which can be true or partly true or a lie, using myths, non accurate documents or forged testimonials.

Over-emphasizing and repeating over and over again a history, narrative, out of context event, or myth by the mainstream media or mainstream academia or mainstream education institution or leaking it from law enforcers and politicians may convince the public and the media itself that what was presented is the whole truth and is more important that what was not emphasized or leaked. So if the public gives the media and law enforcement leakers the credibility, there is no true democracy, because the media and the leakers can change public opinion and voting preferences or remove a candidate or a president in a non-equal manner.

‘Conservatives on college campuses are being increasingly attacked and harassed for holding dissenting points of view from the majority of students’

There is no politician who got to high position without favors or some misconduct because politicians are humans, and the media knows it. If a investigation agency member has a decision making position and has an agenda or interest (paid or ideological) he can always come up with some out of the context fact or evidence to investigate or leak a fact about everyone. The talent of investigators and investigation organizations is that hey can always make an individual admit or be in a situation of being portrayed as have been involved some wrong doing. There is almost no effective way to control or investigate the investigators motives and behavior because from day one they protect themselves with excuses and insurance policies for what they do and why they do it.

Most voters are trapped in their echo-chamber narrative and are not prone to change their mind unless they feel an event or trend that impact their lives or the under social pressure. Social pressure to change voting can occur in work environment. It is very influential in workplaces in academy, education and state, federal or local government. Promotion and demotion or firing affects peoples livelihood. Teenage rebellion and emancipation syndrome also affects political affiliation. Race or Religious affiliation or anti-religious affiliation also affects political views.

  • For indecisive voters it is estimated that Academy and school indoctrination affects 5% of electoral votes – usually for the left
  • Media indoctrination and smear campaigns affect 11%. usually for the left
  • Economic stagnation blaming affects 8.5% of votes in years were economic disasters occur
  • Prosperity and income increase affects usually 8% for the right
  • Globalization, Environmental and Social reforming narratives affect 2% usually for the left
  • Conflict and terror attacks affect 4% usually for the right
  • Net electoral fraud including technological tampering affects about 7% of elections in average usually for the left
  • Social Media trolling, ads and campaigns affects 4% usually for the left
  • Social pressure affects 3% usually for the left

“[Hillary Clinton] saw evidence of electoral fraud (such as voting list entries showing addresses that were empty lots) against Republican candidate Richard Nixon,[20] and later volunteered to campaign for Republican candidate Barry Goldwaterin the U.S. presidential election of 1964.

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