Pulitzer Controversies

The Pulitzer organization refuses to acknowledge their errors by not recalling prizes given to biases and fake news in the name of prestige.

Pulitzer Origins and Political Biases

So far the Pulitzer organization is used to award prizes to left wing journalists and writers playing an active role in the mainstream media agenda. It is not the first time that journalists that omitted facts or pushed biased narratives get a prize. When these journalists are found unworthy of the Prize the organization stonewalls measures for recalling the prizes. Admitting their errors is below their principles and might hurt their political agenda. A recent call to reconsider Pulitzer board selection of the fake Russian collusion narrative was not even considered although being discredited by the FBI and Mueller .


The decision makers are academy, elites and other journalists who live in their ideological echo chamber whenever political arguments are driving the decision making process.

When David Cay Johnston was asked why he didn’t investigate and condemn the nefarious conduct of opposition research and spying by the DNC which was more salacious and intensive then the GOP’s, his excuse was that he didn’t research on that. When David Cay Johnston was told that the president was not working on behalf of Putin since his sanctions, actions and adversity against Putin was more “belligerent” then Obama’s he didn’t have a factual response.

David Cay Johnston retracted his 3 year accusation that the president was a “Kremlin Agent” and tried to justify his defamation by saying that he means the president is an asset for the Kremlin. This statement ignores the fact the HRC and Obama’s plots including Uranium One, Clinton Foundation business with the Kremlin and the Iranian-Russian deal made them more of an “asset” to Putin as compared the president.

Glenn Greenwald : “The DNC had contractors working for it, collaborating coordinating with the Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on Manafort and Donald Trump… so if you really believe that it is so nefarious for a political campaign to try and get dirt on your opponent if you work with a foreign government to do it, why isn’t the outrage just as high when it comes to the DNC?”

Newt Gingrich comments on the Pulitzer fiasco
‘The NYT and WAPO should return their prizes which were false’
| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF7ha7beQCw

Duranty, who worked for the NYT until 1941, won the Pulitzer prize for 13 articles written in 1931 reporting on Stalin and the Soviet Union. Many entities, correspondents and others have discredited the coverage by reporting a big lie about the USSR. The Pulitzer board has declined the request to withdraw the award stating “no clear and convincing evidence of deliberate deception”. Accordingly with studies about the collectivization of agriculture in the USSR and Ukraine caused a deliberate famine genocide Duranty and the Pulitzer organization are found complicit in the attempt to cover for the Stalin regime mass murder and deportations to the Gulags. Pulitzer didn’t award a counterpart that would write about Stalin regime mass killing in real time. . The most extensive work on Stalin methodology, biography and indoctrination has just been published by Stephen Kotkin 3 volumes volumes on Stalin.


John Steinbeck won the 1940 Pulitzer for his “The Grapes of Wrath” book. Steinbeck was considered of being a socialist. Many considered it brilliant, while others condemned it.

The reviewer from Newsweek called it a “mess of silly propaganda, superficial observation, careless infidelity to the proper use of idiom, tasteless pornographical and scatagorical talk.”


Another Pulitzer prize holder that turned out to be activist and not journalist is Carol Leonnig. She is constantly taking out of context materials or leaks and tries to smear the president and his inner circle. She was the reporter who was forced to retract the false and libelous accusation that O’Keefe was motivated by racism in his ACORN investigation as well as the nature of a pending indictment.

Mueller Report and hearing in congress debunked Leonnig allegation that Papadopoulos was involved in efforts to set-up Russia meetings as stated in WAPO Aug 14, 2017 . Her article came after someone leaked incomplete reversed committee information that turned out to have indications that Papadopoulos was set-up in a conspiracy to frame the president in collusion with Russia made by contractors of the DNC and their collaborators in the intelligence community, including McCabe, Halper, Downer, Tawil, Turk, Mifsud or others.


Pulitzer himself was responsible of malicious false news that instigated an unconstitutional war against Spain in 1898. Pulitzer organization refuses to acknowledge their errors by noyt acknowledging biases or recalling awards given to fake news.

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