Mueller Report Discrepancies

Mueller team participation in the GOP/persecution-DNC/cover-up collusion is revealed by the following questions and disparities that should be asked on his hearings on the hill, by the puglic and by the executive

The Mueller Report Reveals Wrongdoing and Bias for his Team

Mueller team participation in the GOP/persecution-DNC/cover-up collusion is revealed by their bias. Nadler is trying to postpone as much as they can Mueller hearing. GOP Should ask their staff to question him exactly they way Nadler asked from Barr.

the following questions and disparities that should be asked on his hearings on the hill, by the puglic and by the executive:

  1. Was part of the $732,000 that the Mueller team gave to contractors given to entities or parties that colluded with the generation to the Steele dossier or any other dossier?
  2. Why didn’t they investigate Farkas that leaked that the DNC and intelligence were spying on GOP in 2016 and 2015. 
  3. Why didn’t Mueller expose by whom and why Papadopoulos was lured and trapped in more then one occasion?
  4. Knowing that if there is no crime there is nothing to obstruct for,
    why did they try to push an obstruction trap on the president and his inner circle?
  5. Why did they followed Nadler narrative that the “president should be guilty until proved innocent”? They shouldn’t conclude that there is no evidence that exonerates the obstruction claim. Their role is to indict only if there is sufficient evidence and not to smear the president denying him the opportunity to defend himself in court.
  6. Why there is almost no mention of the Steele Dossier and Fusion GPS and that dossier was a set-up of the media, FBI and the HRC campaign?
  7. Why didn’t they investigate Comey for leaking to NYT? . .. and McCabe and Clapper and Brennan leaks?
  8. Why didn’t the non collusion ruling come out in 2017 ?
  9. Why Mueller appointed HRC lawyers and 13 angry DNC donors to investigate her opponent?
  10. Why didn’t Mueller investigate the “13 Angry” leaks and if they were part of the conspiracy to use federal agents as set-ups, wiretapping and judicial traps on GOP campaign circle?
  11. Why use perjury traps and obstruction traps?
  12. Why did they us FARA trap on Flynn and not on Fusion GPS and other members ?
  13. Why there is no investigation on HRC campaign on connections in Ukraine, Russia, UK, Rome, Kazakhstan, Haiti, Canada and so on?
  14. Why no investigation of the FISA judges and the FISA depositions?
  15. Why didn’t Mueller have a fact check with Bill Binney and others on the techniques and the possibility that HRC supporters or intelligence community members planted artificial information that would mislead to Russia? -Same goes to other planted “Cyrilic breadcrumbs”
  16. Why didn’t Mueller indict the former ambassador to the Ukraine and Biden for their machinations and intervention in elections in the USA and the Ukraine as well as intervention in their judiciary system?
  17. Why Bernie Sanders wasn’t investigated for his part in the DNC funding?
  18. Why use illegal wiretaps and fake FISA warrants ?
  19. Why not indict Comey, McCabe & Clapper on collusion to set-up informants that would trap GOP campaign supporters and the president inner circle before the elections and after the elexctions?
  20. Why did Mueller indict Russians, knowing that some the indictment allegations are baseless and that the targeted Russians will never come to trial?
  21. If Mueller had a feud in the past and Mueller was a friends with Comey why didn’t he Recuse himself from the investigation to begin with? Also if Mueller was resenting the fact that he wasn’t appointed to replace Comey he could and maybe should recuse himself.
  22. Why didn’t they check if the machinations of GRU and IRA might be an over fabrication by the agencies and Crowdstrike for cover up and saving their reputation ?
  23. Why didn’t they investigate if Crowdstrike provided false information about the DNC servers and was part of the DNC obstraction and deletion of files?
  24. Why the FBI didn’t investigate the DNC servers and indict based on information available on shadow servers, cloud or other agencies ?
  25. Why didn’t Mueller investigate the collusion of the DNC with Ukraine, Russia, UK, Netherlands on their intervention in the 2016 and 2018 elections?
  26. Why didn’t Mueller investigate the intervention of Obama, Clinton and State department in Israel, Ukraine elections as well as in other countries?
  27. Why didn’t the FBI investigate Hlllary, Podesta, Brezile and Schultz on the nomination and funds theft from Bernie Sanders using the asme technology and agents that were used to trap and damage the president inner circle before and after the elections?
  28. Why didn’t the FBI got hold of the DNC servers knowing that incrimination evidence was there and that Crowdstrike and HRC could destroy evidence as they did before with the HRC stae department emails?
  29. Why didn’t Mueller investigate and indict the people who spied and tried to setup Carter Page?
  30. Why didn’t Mueller investigate Glenn Simpson, David Corn and Perkins Cole for acting under FARA violation, defamation, Sedition, Civil war mongering, and disseminating and promoting false Russiagate dossiers?
  31. Why didn’t Mueller investigate Sussman and Perkins-Cole for illicit funds transfers to government informants and leveraging their influence using gathered dirt information to make government workers work for them while disseminating , manipulating and directing counterintelligence government activity that relates to Russia collusion and to HRC email scandal and DNC server scandal?
  32. Why didn’t Mueller investigate Obama and Loretta Lynch for their responsibility or involvement in using government resources, international relations and information to influence the elections?
  33. Why didn’t Mueller investigate the counter intelligence double agents including the ones working for Fusion GPS, Podesta and Media Matters?
  34. Why Didn’t Mueller indict Social Media, Mainstream media and others for knowingly inciting Americans against Russia and against each other with false information? (Same case as Hurst and Pulitzer maliciously incited an unconstitutional war against Spain in 1898)
  35. Why didn’t Mueller investigate the people that tried to set-up the Trump tower meeting? They should investigate how Natalia Veselnitskaya, that orchestrated the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr. and Paul Manafort and If she tried to spy and record “dirt” on Hillary Clinton transfer while working with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson as a trap.
  36. Why did Comey and the angry 13 lawyers debunked the negotiations and preparations to take testimony from WikiLeaks?
  37. Why did Mueller intimidate Papadopoulos wife and set-up Papadopoulos?
  38. Why didn’t Mueller investigate Curtis Heide, Downer and Stefan Halper double agent behavior?
  39. Why didn’t Mueller indict Henry Greenberg and his handler for trying to set-up Michael Caputo?
  40. Why didn’t Mueller indict FBI informants Stefan Halper and others and his handler for trying to set-up Papadopoulos.
  41. Investigation of FBI and DOJ official who headlined “VERIFIED APPLICATION” for unverified FISA wiretap applications
  42. Who orchestrated the WAPO May 1st (Senate Barr Hearing date) leak and who wrote the Ctricism Letter written in the name of Mueller in March 27?

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