Racketeering through Blacklisting

Accordingly with the new lawsuit against Spygate promoters, there is a legal justification to sue entities that racketeer through blacklisting or smear campaigns. It still has to be proven that this is not a unique incident, that it was made maliciously, it was motivated by hate or that it was paid for. This Modus Operandi of blacklisting or vilifying can not only harm an ongoing work but also might harm the livelihood of others and their families or bring unjustified shame. Rep. Devin Nunes’ wife which works as a teacher was also harmed, exposed and smeared. Devin Nunes as opposed to other Democrat California representatives doesn’t come from a high income family.

This explains why smearing him and his family was easily achieved by members in Twitter or GPS as opposed to other rich representatives who still support Comey and Hilary Clinton smear campaigns. Devin Nunes was targeted for exposing Steele, HRC, Simppson, Ohr smear campaigning and the machine of the FBI and CNN of fabricating Dossiers and diffusing them as a political, FISA, spying and hate tool.

The charges, if considered by the court can be brought against Hollywood actors and business people who out everyone that supports Trump. Actually they are directly and indirectly trying to harm the livelihood of other Americans because of political or funding preferences. These people use organizations or systems that make lists to later be used by politicians, company HRs, institutions, media or government bureaucrats. These people decide on who to demote, hire, fire or promote. The lists go to big-tech companies, academy, guilds etc.

It is worse then the “Hollywood Admission Racketeering Scandal” because it implicates smearing, defaming, ashaming or harming the accumulated professional assets and prestige of members that they target on purpose. While in the admission scandal supposedly the actors guild was paying money “only” so their sons and daughters will get a better chance. It is a continuously used method of forcing the system and other decision makers to favor them on expense of the others. The GPS-gang smear campaign was not only targeted to promote and cover up fot the DNC and HRS, but it was crated to harm anyone who supports or might tdeclare that is supporting Trump. In that context, Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff are not less liable, because their 24/7 agenda is to try and out the president and whoever support him even by harming the national security in the border or the economy.

The outings campaigns resemble the methods of authoritarian regimes in Germany, Iran, Venezuela and former Soviet Union and Third Reich which promotes whoever is zealously following their ideas, religion or hate speech while trying to harm, shame and demote everyone who is a whistle blower or doesn’t support them.

In that respect it has to be mentioned that members of the actors guild were already convicted of rackettiring through 3rd parties the education system, and therefore it can be proven that it is a continuous modus opperandi.

Celebrities may call for outing or may disseminate blacklisting cookbooks. Usually they act as trolls for others who seat in DNC think tanks (like 2016 Podest? Shultz? Brock? Soros?) or are contacted by them and instruct or pass their techniques and cook books. This doesn’t make Debra Messing less liable then any think tank instigator. Think tank members prefer others to do their dirty jobs because it makes them less liable and makes the smear campaign or outing campaign more effective if it is made by celebrities usually coordinated from various places and media outlets. It is easy to find an actor who would do the job with brainwashing, funding, political bias or quid-pro-quo benefits.

More importantly many academy professors and actors are already are fed and brainwashed with hate for Trump like Cher, DeNiro and so on. They seat in the same echo chambers and increase each other’s adversity with biased rhetoric that takes out of context events of smear campaigns. Academic thinkers and news anchors stigmatize while comparing whoever doesn’t agree with them to fascist or racist. While doing so they use the very Technics of fascism by doing so. By definition outing and blacklisting is the very essence of fascism, so Messing can’t say she is less fascist and that others.

When a blacklisting campaign is done in the open that is an indicator of other blacklists campaigns that are done by others which are afraid of being sued and they leave the jobs to trolls in social media or biased actors. Some actors, movie producers and agents prefer to incite a political scandal since the news, controversy or litigation can revive career dying actors and their PR or advertising income. General blacklisting campaigns like tracking the donors in a fundraiser is later used to pinpoint targeting by political commissars on prioritizing harming on “dangerous” whistle blowers like Jim Jordan and bombarding Twitter and other social media with trolling complains to demote their freedom of speech. Obviously big-tech companies pay to algorithm coders and content demoters to accept willingly to biased claims and turn a blind eye on the other side of the isle.

“Fusion GPS, Simpson and Steele fraudulently developed the ‘Steele Dossier’ and disseminated it to U.S. Government officials and the press as if the salacious accusations were true. Plaintiff investigated this wrongdoing, causing Fusion GPS and Simpson to retaliate against him and to take action that was intended to harass, intimidate and influence Plaintiff in the performance of his congressional investigation… Defendants’ corrupt acts of racketeering are part of their regular way of doing business. That way of doing business must end here and now.”


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