Neo Antisemitism in Congress

Antisemitism is an indoctrination process that leads to massacres against Jews The new wave of Antisemitism that is increasing in the USA and Europe tries to portray Jews in Israel as Apartheid country while blaming the Israel government of being racist. This is done as a plot which tries to achieve a deligitimation a Jewish … Continue reading “Neo Antisemitism in Congress”

The Manchurian Candidate of The Third Reich

The German 1933 regime achieved the most devastating and murderous antisemitic indoctrination created ever. The hate was indoctrinated and propagated by world-class intellectuals, scientists, elite, journalists and enlightened thinkers which none of them stopped the Holocaust

Modern Antisemitism

The most common use of Rhetorical Antisemitism after WWII, is carried by publications that try to put together Zionism and Apartheid. The goal of this narrative is to achieve a denial to the right of a Jewish state which is the only asylum place suited of people who were and are escaping Nazi and other Antisemitic regimes and murders.