Favoritism & Lawmakers

Lawmakers might collude to make a fake lawsuit so that the ‘Sexscandal congress fund’ will pay them and their fake accusers. In these cases the lawyers of the accuser get a cut from the fund. There is a ‘constitutional crisis’ when corrupt lawmakers share public money and favoritism in quid-pro-quo basis. It is very difficult … Continue reading “Favoritism & Lawmakers”

Cover-up Paper-trail

Breadcrumbs that show Establishment Conspiracy One can always look and search for breadcrumbs that point out to biased cover-ups that can be found in messages or deeds around the people that promote or decide on the agenda and narrative in their respective think tanks. Those breadcrumbs are left when : Some of the Establishment minions … Continue reading “Cover-up Paper-trail”

Establishment Modus Operandi

AKA: The dangers of centralized unjust system. The establishment components have many ways of protecting and increasing power and assets. Their assets and power are based on taking votes from people and resources nationwide and overseas from people who are not part of the establishment. The way of maintaining control over constituency, bureaucrats, workers and … Continue reading “Establishment Modus Operandi”