Questioned Security Clearance

Fired intelligence bosses accused the president on treason expecting that the Mueller report will find that the president was working as a Russian agent. This lie was promoted even when in office. When the Mueller report came out they admitted that the assumption was based on wrong information and they changed the narrative to go after the president family. and taxes and obstruction trap “for a crime they committed”

180 Lawyers who pressured Rosenstein

After the Mueller Dossier was completed it is still for the Justice system and the public to scrutinize the intentions and ethics of the 180 lawyers who incited Rosenstein to open the Mueller investigation. If their goal was to promote the Steele Dossier agenda which was a smear campaign paid by DNC apparatus then they should be disbarred as fast as possible.

The American Junta of 2016

Hidden Juntas are not new, to some extent they are integral part of democracies and republics. Military or Social juntas are more violent form of governments, but have similar components with hidden “democratic” Juntas.

The Role of Law Firms in the Establishment

Lawfirms were conduits of the DNC apparatus that propagated unreliable information that tried to undermine the election and Presidency of GOP candidate with the help of some lawmakers.

UKGate and Assange Arrest

UK conspirators goal is to cover up the intervention of the UK intelligence community and politicians in 2016 and 2018 elections before AG and IG can dig for more sources. The arrest is taking place in a timing that the UK and USA establishment need to gag WikiLeaks and other compromising evidence.

The War to Start all Wars

WWI brought countries to invest and rely on the capability of building intelligence operations and mechanized warfare in the air, over land, over the sea and under the sea.

Establishment Structure

Untouchable Bureaucrats & Elite The establishment is motivated by money/greed and power. In the US currently we know of Democrat Supporters Establishment and Republican Establishment. Some people call the establishment “Deep State”, but that is not a good term since some of the establishment actions are not necessarily covert or sinister. The establishment can use … Continue reading “Establishment Structure”

J’accuse… the Mueller Report

Similarities of how the mainstream media, the establishment and the intelligence community set-up and go after individuals, in a conspiratorial, targeted, orchestrated effort to destroy individual and family lives.