Bidengate : The role of Yovanovitch

Ex ambassador Yovanovich admitted she was coached by the state department on how to reduce the fallout of Biden and other Democrats friends and families dealings in the Ukraine. The modus operand of Schiff gang coaching is indicating she also was instructed not to “remember ” Biden tape and other Democrats. A new Quid Pro Quo is emerging on how the embassy used Ukranian machinations to help the DNC collude against Trump before and after elections through Chalupa, Fusion GPS and others. Question mark on whether Pelosi Ukrainian staffer and the whistle-blower were involved since the get go.

The Hoax of the Hoax

After all the fake news and lawmakers smokescreens, people forget the most important thing about the Russiagate which proves it was a myth created to change public agenda: The Russians didn’t expose dirt on HRC, HRC exposed dirt on HRC in the email scandal and elsewhere. There was no need for any Russian dirt on … Continue reading “The Hoax of the Hoax”

Organized Predatory Media & Academia

The Establishment and mainstream media agendas have major influence on election results. candidates appointment and their public endorsement and coverage.

Antifa Fascist Methodologies

Factionist Predatory Vilifying Campaigns The media-industrial-complex works closely with the Establishment-complex, social media, narrative propagation organizations (like Media Matters), public and private schools as well as universities. They also help making guidelines on admissions, grades, freedom of speech, research, grants and curriculum alienation and indoctrination. They also communicate, create the narrative, agenda and points of … Continue reading “Antifa Fascist Methodologies”

Democracy & Fed-Ocracy

How feds influence voting and politicians The bureaucracy which includes the the feds is composed by vast majority of employees and contractors who donated and helped Obama and the Clintons campaigns. These elements were continuously involved in implicit quid-pro-quo and ideological relations with the mainstream media and biased dossier propagators. Many employees, as far as … Continue reading “Democracy & Fed-Ocracy”

Conspiracy Theorists as Tools

How the Establishment Spin-off Whistle-Blowers Whenever an occasion presents itself, conspiracy theorists are used by the mainstream media and establishments as tool to create smoke screens on their cover-ups. Many conspiracy theorists have social and psychology problems which lead them to promote their theories for some agenda making a narrative in an erroneous way or … Continue reading “Conspiracy Theorists as Tools”

Indoctrination in Academy and Education

How a political apparattus makes biased news, biased education and bias public agenda and myths –

Fake Use of “Fake News”

Manipulated News & Alienating Public Agendas The intended meaning and mentioning of the term “Fake-News” is to convey a situation of biased news or manipulated news. The real problem is not with news that are fake, since they will eventually be uncovered (like when the press framed Spain for sinking the “USS Maine” in 1898). … Continue reading “Fake Use of “Fake News””