The Origins of The Mueller Report

Mueller Report reveals its delay influenced 2018 midterm results. It’s disparity and bias doesn’t hide the Establishment modus operandi of using contractors and loopholes for judicial traps, perjury traps, FARA Traps and FISA courts rubber stamps. The investigator used unlawful surveillance and witness coercion and biased plea deals.

Forensics about Podesta Emails

Accordingly with forensic professionals, the unmasking of Schultz and Podesta emails was made through hardware (like thumb drive) and not Russian hack. Similar statement was made in January 2017 by Obama stating that the premise that the source was Russian was “inconclusive” even after Clapper tried to blame the Russians. Old claims re-surface that the … Continue reading “Forensics about Podesta Emails”

The Hoax of the Hoax

After all the fake news and lawmakers smokescreens, people forget the most important thing about the Russiagate which proves it was a myth created to change public agenda: The Russians didn’t expose dirt on HRC, HRC exposed dirt on HRC in the email scandal and elsewhere. There was no need for any Russian dirt on … Continue reading “The Hoax of the Hoax”

How Comey Fooled the Nation

Slapping the wrist of HRC while giving her gift of absolution. Loretta Lynch meeting with Clinton in the Tarmac gave Comey opportunity and means to announce the absolution of HRC and the DNC.

Did Brennan give Aid & Comfort to Russia?

Harming American spying advantages and disclosing unnecessarily surveillance