Bidengate : The role of Yovanovitch

Ex ambassador Yovanovich admitted she was coached by the state department on how to reduce the fallout of Biden and other Democrats friends and families dealings in the Ukraine. The modus operand of Schiff gang coaching is indicating she also was instructed not to “remember ” Biden tape and other Democrats. A new Quid Pro Quo is emerging on how the embassy used Ukranian machinations to help the DNC collude against Trump before and after elections through Chalupa, Fusion GPS and others. Question mark on whether Pelosi Ukrainian staffer and the whistle-blower were involved since the get go.

Ken Starr Vs. Weissmann

Kenneth Starr special counsel found 11 accounts for proven crimes which led to impeachment proceedings including underlined crimes on president Clinton. Weissmann, McCabe and Mueller tried to fabricate at least 11 accounts of obstruction but couldn’t prove any of them using $40,000,000 of tax payers money while dividing the American people. They even couldn’t prove … Continue reading “Ken Starr Vs. Weissmann”

Impeachment Time-Frame

The democratic party think tank has decided to squeeze the most from the impeachment narrative by postponing the impeachment process while recycling impeachment claims and brainwashing the public agenda as much as they can, even knowing that impeachment will not succeed. The idea is to weaponize this fake narrative to draw more attention in the … Continue reading “Impeachment Time-Frame”