Smollett a Citizen of a City with no Justice

It is understood that Jessie Smollett wouldn’t be able to pull out this stunt without a law firm and a malicious plan by himself alone and that he wasn’t the think tank that instigated this hoax.

UKGate and Assange Arrest

UK conspirators goal is to cover up the intervention of the UK intelligence community and politicians in 2016 and 2018 elections before AG and IG can dig for more sources. The arrest is taking place in a timing that the UK and USA establishment need to gag WikiLeaks and other compromising evidence.

Weissmann’s Trapping Techniques

The Establishment has a bag of techniques of taking out of context investigation transcripts and “conclude” that their targets confessed or testified on misdeeds that didn’t occur. Interrogators and time can attach almost to any individual obstruction or perjury charge.