How deep is the “Insurance Policy”

Insurance Policy is a set of mechanisms that makes almost impossible the task of investigating and disclosing the control of intelligence bosses and democrat party apparatus over evidence, testimonies, investigations, prosecutions and the public agenda.

Mueller Smear Trick

Mueller didn’t have sufficient proof to conclude that the president committed any crime including obstruction and chose to smear the president saying “If we had confidence the president did not commit a crime we would have said so.”. If the president or anyone would say: “If we had confidence that Mueller did not commit a … Continue reading “Mueller Smear Trick”

Questioned Security Clearance

Fired intelligence bosses accused the president on treason expecting that the Mueller report will find that the president was working as a Russian agent. This lie was promoted even when in office. When the Mueller report came out they admitted that the assumption was based on wrong information and they changed the narrative to go after the president family. and taxes and obstruction trap “for a crime they committed”

Ken Starr Vs. Weissmann

Kenneth Starr special counsel found 11 accounts for proven crimes which led to impeachment proceedings including underlined crimes on president Clinton. Weissmann, McCabe and Mueller tried to fabricate at least 11 accounts of obstruction but couldn’t prove any of them using $40,000,000 of tax payers money while dividing the American people. They even couldn’t prove … Continue reading “Ken Starr Vs. Weissmann”

Nadler afraid of Underlying Mueller Material

Nadler is postponing and evading Mueller and Barr interview in congress because of underlying materials exposing co-conspirators that are pulling his string. Republicans and the public are interested in the malfeasance that expose Nadler’s party lawmakers, journalists and bureaucrats who tried to frame GOP supporters for years using taxpayers money. Mueller team could have concluded … Continue reading “Nadler afraid of Underlying Mueller Material”