Nadler afraid of Underlying Mueller Material

Nadler is postponing and evading Mueller and Barr interview in congress because of underlying materials exposing co-conspirators that are pulling his string. Republicans and the public are interested in the malfeasance that expose Nadler’s party lawmakers, journalists and bureaucrats who tried to frame GOP supporters for years using taxpayers money. Mueller team could have concluded … Continue reading “Nadler afraid of Underlying Mueller Material”

Public Confidence in the FBI

The Mueller team achieved the opposite of what was asked from them from as stated in the Justice Department Press Release on May 2017 . The way DOJ and FBI confectionated the Mueller report and conducted their bias investigation and entrapment, increases the public mistrust and lack of confidence on the integrity and fairness of … Continue reading “Public Confidence in the FBI”

Nadler’s Obstruction of Justice

Accordingly to new analysis, Nadler’s attack on AG Barr is part of an obstruction of Justice operation which tries to intimidate and undermine an investigation on Nadler’s party. Barr is to investigate political weaponizing of FBI/DOJ/CIA resources, political leaking, FISA abuse, political entrapping investigations, political bribes, political conspiracy and other misdeeds which were allegedly funded … Continue reading “Nadler’s Obstruction of Justice”