How Comey Fooled the Nation

Slapping the wrist of HRC while giving her gift of absolution. Loretta Lynch meeting with Clinton in the Tarmac gave Comey opportunity and means to announce the absolution of HRC and the DNC.

Conspiracy Theorists as Tools

How the Establishment Spin-off Whistle-Blowers Whenever an occasion presents itself, conspiracy theorists are used by the mainstream media and establishments as tool to create smoke screens on their cover-ups. Many conspiracy theorists have social and psychology problems which lead them to promote their theories for some agenda making a narrative in an erroneous way or … Continue reading “Conspiracy Theorists as Tools”

German Archives Cover-Up

Cold War History Re-Writing With the fall of the Berlin wall in 1991, many historians claim the new access to Kremlin’s archives had enabled them “all of a sudden” to have a better understanding of the two world wars, who was behind the decision making, technology and the chain of events. Nevertheless, many documents were … Continue reading “German Archives Cover-Up”