Biased Letter Signed by Biased People

New biased letter of alleged former justice Prosecutors asking to push the obstruction of justice narrative is starting to show signs of unauthorized electronic signatures. The Narrative is currently pushed by CNN and other mainstream media outlets, even though the public can’t see the authenticity of the signatures and the letter. CNN and Medium omit … Continue reading “Biased Letter Signed by Biased People”

Mueller Recycled

Mueller conversation with AG Barr and Rosenstein made clear that there was no sufficient legal evidence to show criminality of obstruction and that the reason for not pursuing an obstruction crime conclusion were the facts and not the OLC guideline

Spying for the DNC

Apparently, until 2017 America was run by a Junta which included the Intelligence Community, DNC Apparatus and Media Moguls Mueller explains in the beginning of the report that the reason for the creation of the special counsel team, is that Papadopoulos communications with Mifsud, Downer and double agents suggests “Russian” connections. These communications turned out … Continue reading “Spying for the DNC”

The Steele Dossier & UKGate

The preparation and propagation of the dossiers was intended to create and support a narrative that promotes an Agenda of removing, incapacitating, manipulating or impeaching an elected president