Orchestration of Russiagate

Accordingly to new declassified information and timing analysis more evidence is affirming that the Russia-gate political persecutions was disseminated in the same time purposely through various outlets and bureaucrats. Communication between of Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Steele, Lawmaker Reid, Lawmaker Schiff, Lawmaker Warner, David Corn, Perkins Coie individuals, state department officials and other intelligence community … Continue reading “Orchestration of Russiagate”

Bruce Ohr Conflict of Interest

Bruce Ohr was warned that Nelly Ohr work has conflicts of interest by Lisa Holtyn. Lisa Holtyn was personal friend with the Ohrs, and exchanged many emails about the Russian Hoax and was part of the cover-up of operation Fast and Furious. In an email Lisa Holtyn asks if Nelly Ohr can provide information to … Continue reading “Bruce Ohr Conflict of Interest”

Lawmakers Inception of Russiagate

As new documents are declassified and underacted more and more information about the involvement of democrat lawmakers in the fabrication and expansion of operation Crossfire-Hurricane and Russia-collusion and obstruction fabrication are being uncovered. The attempt was coordinated by lawmakers, intelligence community bosses, media and law firms which was an attempt to hurt the presidency for … Continue reading “Lawmakers Inception of Russiagate”

UKGate and Assange Arrest

UK conspirators goal is to cover up the intervention of the UK intelligence community and politicians in 2016 and 2018 elections before AG and IG can dig for more sources. The arrest is taking place in a timing that the UK and USA establishment need to gag WikiLeaks and other compromising evidence.

The Steele Dossier & UKGate

The preparation and propagation of the dossiers was intended to create and support a narrative that promotes an Agenda of removing, incapacitating, manipulating or impeaching an elected president