Mueller Report Discrepancies

Mueller team participation in the GOP/persecution-DNC/cover-up collusion is revealed by the following questions and disparities that should be asked on his hearings on the hill, by the puglic and by the executive

The art of Dirt Digging

Smear campaigns become criminal when they use FBI/DOJ informants, assets, set-ups, databases, methods, foreign agents without FARA, wiretapping and bureaucrats to influence elections or when they are part of a removal from office attempts.

Vilifying and Blacklisting Indoctrination

The danger of smear expeditions is depriving individuals from future opportunities and posing a threat on freedom of expressing other views as well as covering up other things. This is not new. But today the blacklisting also enables the biased establishment and mass-media have a database of who to use later on for opposition research and who to smear later on.