Vilifying and Blacklisting Indoctrination

The danger of smear expeditions is depriving individuals from future opportunities and posing a threat on freedom of expressing other views as well as covering up other things. This is not new. But today the blacklisting also enables the biased establishment and mass-media have a database of who to use later on for opposition research and who to smear later on.

Antifa Fascist Methodologies

Factionist Predatory Vilifying Campaigns The media-industrial-complex works closely with the Establishment-complex, social media, narrative propagation organizations (like Media Matters), public and private schools as well as universities. They also help making guidelines on admissions, grades, freedom of speech, research, grants and curriculum alienation and indoctrination. They also communicate, create the narrative, agenda and points of … Continue reading “Antifa Fascist Methodologies”

J’accuse… the Mueller Report

Similarities of how the mainstream media, the establishment and the intelligence community set-up and go after individuals, in a conspiratorial, targeted, orchestrated effort to destroy individual and family lives.