Military Incompetence that Changed History

The misconduct and lack of professional generals was several times in history a tool for blaming presidents and leaders on weakness and inaptitude that is part of selecting the wrong command for office.

Turning Point Weapons of WWII

The most efficient cost effective weapons of WWII where used and developed during WWI.

Air Superiority in WWII

War Winning Turning Points by Air Warfare The logistic turning point of the war was made mainly by the B-24 Liberators and other planes that won the Battle of the Atlantic. Without their quantities, extended submarine hunting range and capabilities the U-boat wolfpacks would suffocate England. The airplanes with the new radars and spotlights attached … Continue reading “Air Superiority in WWII”

Flame-Thrower Tanks

Failure of Flame Throwing Tanks Doctrines Flame thrower tanks have many vulnerabilities and they weren’t the most effective weapons in WWII as some people may suggest. The insinuation that Panzerfausts are useless against Crocodile flamethrowers overlooks the reality that the German antitank doctrine was based on 50mm, 88mm guns, Panzershreks, explosives and side infantry ambush … Continue reading “Flame-Thrower Tanks”