The Origins of The Mueller Report

Mueller Report reveals its delay influenced 2018 midterm results. It’s disparity and bias doesn’t hide the Establishment modus operandi of using contractors and loopholes for judicial traps, perjury traps, FARA Traps and FISA courts rubber stamps. The investigator used unlawful surveillance and witness coercion and biased plea deals.

Machinations of Predatory Bureaucrats, Party Apparatus & Smearing Media

The biggest achievement for the Democratic party by use of the Mueller report operation is winning the midterms 2018 elections. The Congress takeover enabled Nadler, Pelosi, Schiff and others to take control of predatory oversight, power of the purse and lawmaking. Control of the house means also the power to stonewall and deflect investigations against Democrat lawmakers, HRC and their apparatus while alienating public agenda against the president with their mainstream media partners.

“LEAK Reveals Mueller Finished Trump-Russia Probe MONTHS BEFORE 2018 Elections; Kept Silent While DEMS Swept Midterms

The second big achievement for the Democrats with the report is the deflection of public agenda and criminal investigation against the conspirators that propagated the Steele Dossier and the use of federal informants to set-up and trap the president supporters, family and associates in harassing obstruction traps, FARA traps, masking traps, perjury traps and so on.

Lawmakers and Mainstream media as part of this machination pushed agendas based on the DNC Think Tank deflection hoax to investigate GOP connection with Russia knowing that the DNC had collusion connections with Ukraine, UK, Russia, Australia and other countries. This operation of the DNC and dirty FBI/DOJ cops, was helping their candidates in the elections including opposition research,weaponizing social media and smear campaigns. The mehtodology included trying to fame and set up their opponents using USA and other governments’ assets-agents as well as out of context malicious leaks from Obama administration appointed bureaucrats. During Obama years, decision making posts in the DOJ and FBI were allocated to DNC donors and supporters.

Harry Reid Democratic Leader in the senate wrote on August 27 2016, a malicious letter to the FBI based on opposition research dossiers, illegal distorted leaks, spying materials and fake news while asking the FBI to spy on the president inner circle. In the letter he portrays false defamative allegations on Trump Campaign which is supposedly colluding with Russians. In that letter he pushed the agenda that gives retroactive and future justification and authorization on political persecution promoting abuses of the Constitution guidelines on the separation of powers and unalienable rights.

This letter and other actions gave a blank check that pseudo-authorizes Comey, Brennan and Clapper to be part of a spying operation on the president with Fake FISA applications, political unmasking procedures and section 702 abusive use of upstream data before and after the elections. This letter also deflects the real collusion of Raid’s Democratic party with foreign agents and bureaucrats that were appointed by the Obama administration and weaponized the DOJ and FBI resources and agendas.

The Democrats and Media entrapped AG Sessions in the fake Russia Collusion Malicious set-up and forced him to recuse himself leaving the ground open of his Deputy.

On May 17, 2017 , about 180 former establishment lawyers pressured Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General to appoint an “unbiased” special counsel to continue Crossfire Hurricane political persecution based on the dossier, Comey leaks and DNC pressures. Eventually, Rosenstein appointed a biased special counsel (that had conflict of interests with the president before) and who appointed 13 angry DNC donors democrat lawyers who tried to extend the probe after the 2018 election and frame as many targets as possible in obstruction traps, FARA traps, perjury traps. wiretap traps and FISA traps.

The machinations and tyranny, wiretapping, spying, judicial trapping, FISA abuse recycling and entrapment methods of the Mueller team against American individuals who don’t support the Democrat party agenda.

To achieve that the Mueller fishing expedition on obstruction traps, enabled making biased personal investigations against the president inner circle using media smear campaigns and smokescreens.

The overtake of the midterms was done with the assistance of manipulated news and fraudulent elections and allowed dems secure better cover-up and biased agenda propagation while using an extended clouding narrative by the media and congress committees. The operation included targeting the president, his family and his supporters with defamatory false news like the Russia hotel fake scandal, Cohen in Prague, Carter Page surveillance and so on. The Mueller operation agenda was to tighten the noose around the president neck by indicting, spying and smearing his inner circle and campaign teams as means of overthrowing a GOP elected president which was a continuation of the anti GOP campaigns of the DNC affiliated journalists, investigators and lawyers in the DOJ and politicians in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Every politician has someone in the inner circle that made a transaction knowingly or unknowingly with Russians. Therefore it is very easy to attach an investigation of Russian collusion when having the right contacts in the media, the CIA or the FBI and some “Soros money” for opposition targeting companies like Steele-Orbis, Fusion GPS and Media Matters. The Mueller report could have been released in 2017, but the instigators-investigators who were DNC donor-lawyers, “the angry 13”, at the Mueller team delayed the investigation to be released after the 2018 elections with excuses of fake obstruction research which were actually perjury traps, wiretap traps and FARA traps.

FARA trapsForeign Agent Registration Acts may be used against any businessmen or politician who interacts with foreign national as a tool, prey or surveillance target of the intelligence community. The target may be surveilled with FISA warrant or without when the intelligence community use the “Spy first explain later method”. The “Exlplain Later” method is done with retroactive warrant that they “weren’t aware” that the target had connection to the foreign asset, or it was imminent threat or by means of unmasking or by means of having friends like Adam Schiff or Nadler in the oversight committee. Once an unmasked target gets a FISA approval any contact can be surveiled with this kind of chain reaction. In many cases FISA judges don’t have the full picture and are used as rubber stamps. It is very difficult to prove that a judge was leading a FISA scam.


The way the traps work is for a target being approached or called or texted, even unknowingly, by other surveilled intelligence assets or a CIA double agent or contractor that was maliciously used to manipulate the target and trap him in FARA violation. In some cases that target even didn’t know before contacting that he needs to file a FARA request or some clerk made a malicious or incomplete wrong filing.

Accordingly with FBI, McCabe Flynn was induced to investigation without a counsel and the FARA had clerical omission. It is worthwhile to check if his lawyer was playing ball with the prosecutor

Memo: FBI recommended Michael Flynn not have lawyer present during interview, did not warn of false statement consequences

This procedure might be used by the CIA, DOJ and FBI to corner witnesses, frame them with subsequent perjury traps and coerce a plea deal or circular “throw under the bus” testimonies like was done Michael Cohen who was manipulated and guided by Clinton’s lawyers and Adam Schiff inner circle to testify against the president in an expectation to postpone and have better condition serving jail-time .

The main reason for the creation of the FARA procedure is to enable an effective and unified means for the intelligence community control intelligence activities and assets as a national security issue and for counterintelligence purposes. But in Flynn case the procedure was abused and used for political reasons to indict Flynn as means of targeting the president inner circle while allowing surveillance on his inner circle.

Mueller contradicts himself since he indicten the GRU russians and knew that the Russian “Spies” didn’t collude with GOP campaign because the Russians were working on the premise that the GOP would lose the elections as mentioned : “we think trump has only a 25% chance of winning against Hillary . . . so conflict between bernie and hillary is interesting.” .

FBI, DOJ, CIA , media, DNC apparatus was sure that they would win the elections due to their belief that they had full control on spying, leaking, social media trolling and smearing operation which was the “Insurance Policy” operation. The were caught by surprise unguarde with the elections result and the Wikileaks information on HRC misdeeds. , which made them caught un-guard and compromised Hillary and her associates vulnerable for being investigated and indicted without executive power and stonewalling of congress. Anyway the DNC apparatus was stockpiling GOP targets oppo-research dossiers through spying and smear campaigns, even being sure they will win. That was done in order to deflect investigation of their corruption even when winning.

Part of this reaction was the urgent need to dessiminate and orchestrated operation of smear campaingsn in the media and perscution of biased investigators in the FBI and DOJ.

On October 11, 2016 Steele met officials in the State Department where he held talks about his dossier. There was a big pressure from the DNC to propagate the salacious dossier as soon as possible 10 days before the elections. This was done by leaking its various sections to various media outlets and lawmakers before elections simultaneously. The FBI was warned about its maliciousness and falsehood by State Dept. official on a report sent to them before the elections. Instead of investigating Steele and DNC collusion with other countries and other crimes, the FBI. DOJ and CIA bad cops leaked it’s contents and started investigating the spied party instaed of the spying party. Later on they used fake dossier contents contents to issue fake FISA warrant as part of the crossfire Hurricane political investigation. Some legal experts imply that this modus operandi and collusion of the FBI with the DNC was part of their ongoing operation of spying and smearing GOP candidates for years.

The DNC apparatus had to react fast after the shock of the elections. The idea being as much as people would be involved in leaking, biased testimony, propaganda against the president, investigations and probes on DNC apparatus spying and conspiracies would be stonewalled. While that happens the mainstream media would captivate more viewers by polarizing the public while pushing a defamative narrative. New commentators, anchors and so-called journalists would be racing between themselves on who would have a more extremist trash-talk against the president. Politicians, academy intellectuals and lawmakers would be expecting better positions in bureaucracy, jobs and 2020 campaign positions as well as getting endorsements for selling interview time and books.

In the process FBI and DOJ lawyers were trying to indict as much people as they could using the same fruits of the poisonous tree of the Steele dossier. The artificial prolongation of the Mueller probe was necessary also for creating perjury traps and obstruction traps. The extension also allowed the predatory media sell more papers and ads, demonetizing alternative media with smear campaigns while dividing the American people and using shadow-banning techniques on free speech.

The extension also allowed covering up on their conduct and delaying their firing as well as increasing revenues for their working time and increasing their expected prestige for new dems deep pocket recruiters later on. Strzok, Comey, Brennan, McCabe and friends were making biased propaganda when investigated and interviews that supported the DNC, Nadler and Shciff narrative.

Mueller report supports the mainstream media and Democrat lawmakers narrative that the president is “guilty until he is proven innocent” winch is against and law principles other the the laws under Beria, Stalin and the Nadlers. Mueller stated that the fact that he had no proof for obstruction doesn’t exonerate the president from the fact that there might be obstruction. This dubious statement is a biased unprofessional and out of his limits and his duty. The scope of his investigation is to decide on criminality and not to assume unproven facts that should fuel a continuation of the predatory press public lynching. Mueller bias is also uncovered when he mentions that DNC members who instigated the Russian conspiracy refers to them as “victims” instead of villains.

If Mueller can ‘t establish evidence for obstruction it is because either there was no obstruction or because his team is unable or not proficient enough to produce evidence even if the tried to dig dirt for for two years and make some perjury traps. Once he knew in the beginning of 2017 there was no collusion he should be trying to frame an lay traps for obstruction on Flynn, Manafort, Stone and Carter Page using deceitful FISA warrants and opposition research material. This might corroborate the other motives and purposes of the Mueller operation.

Mueller out of limits unprofessionl biased statement

Rosenstein and the Mueller team maliciousness stated in the report that there is supposedly no proof of exoneration for the obstruction. This Mueller team declaration is criminally defamative since according to the law people are presumed innocent until proven guilty and the black hole clause that Mueller doesn’t allow the defamed an opportunity defending against it. This malicious method is what Beria was doing in attaching crimes and malicious investigations to the Russian people and giving his commissars predatory tools on every individual and frightening individuals who wouldn’t support Stalin agenda.

The need for this terminology in the report is also to make an excuse and cover-up for the time and money wasted. If there is not a crime there is no obstruction of investigating that crime. Rosenstein knows it and Mueller lawyers know that, but their biased political agenda made them write it and enable congress predators and organized media material for their defamation agenda and targeting predatory narrative. Predator congressmen want the unredacted versions so they can supply thier “Opposition Research” apparatus means of exposing all witnesses so they can insert whoever gave a testimony that contradicts their narrative into their targeting lists for Three Felonies a day targeting, leverage and extortion later on.

Fired director of the FBI say he triggered the special counsel investigation over the Russian collusion theory and Rod Rosenstein is the one who appointed Mueller for something Comey and DOJ didn’t have a legal authorization to do. Comey has no legal right and authority to initiate the investigation as well as no right to exonerate HRC while Lorreta Lynch recuses herself on purpos, so technically HRC investigation is not over.

Should Mueller team, Comey and Rosenstein have to refund the American people $30.000.000 and forfeit their pensions? As long Predatory members of the Mueller and Steele dossier collusion are not held accountable, they will continue their machinations and keep their predatory modus-operandi. Fruits of the poisonous trees of Andrew Weissmann and colleagues coerced biased plea bargains should be rolled back.

The Inception and the reasons of the investigation

From page 80 on the report it can be concluded that the Mifsoud connection with USA-Russian double agents was the insurance policy that was the excuse for the inception of the Mueller probe. Other then the role of Papadopoulos of being a spied upon patsy the DNC apparatus had other patsies that were in their targeting list. Those surveilled and trapped patsies were slow-cooked from before not necessarily for an excuse for making the report, but as cannon fodder for opposition research and investigation deflection on the premise that HRC would have won the elections, which was the basic working premise of the FBI, CIA, DNC and the media. Papadoupulus, among others was one of the Patsies and targets that the counterintelligence and the Mueller probe tried to use as means of framing and attaching obstuction and collusion on the president and his family and his inner circle. Flynn, Manafort and Page were also used as obstruction-collusion traps by the Weissmann inquisition machine.

The idea of using Papadoupulus persona as an excuse for opening the investigation is to cover-up previous set-ups and spying on the Trump/GOP campaign that started from 2015 by the DNC apparatus using connections in the DOJ/FBI, Mass-media, Opposition Research companies, Congress members and access to surveillance technologies by FBI contractors and persons of interest in the USA and UK. Some of them were also in charge of setting up traps for the GOP campaigns inner circles. This Apparatus was unveiled also on the DNC email leaks were HRC , Schultz and others used government assets and illegal funds transfer to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders and other candidates.

Upon firing Comey (as of Rosenstein recommendation), the ex FBI director leaked materials that made the DOJ open the Mueller investigation on the ready made Misfud/Downer setup on Papadoupulus. If Rosesnstein knew that there was no collusion and there was a lineup of patsies than he shouldn’t have appointed Mueller. Odds are that Rosenstein knew about the FBI collusion, since he knew about the McCabe-Sztrok-Page conspiracy to “not allow the president” to execute his office, and he allowed them to join Mueller team with all other “Angry 13” Lawyers that were DNC donors. To simply put it, there was no justification for appointing the Mueller probe even if Comey leaked the list of Russia connections to the patsies.

The bag of Patsies was ready and the most immediate patsy was papadoupulus that the intelligence community had an overseas wiretap trap ready made by Mfsud and Downey and double agents. Other fail-safe patsy targets that were collected and spied upon were Flynn, Stone, Cohen, Manafort, Trump Jr. Carter Page and so on. The DNC apparatus bag of targeted patsies MO was also uncovered with Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson targeting Manafort in his schem to counter Robert Dole and McCain GOP candidacy with Manafort in 2008.

Fusion GPS strategist Glenn Simpson clearly recycled an old hit piece that he wrote on John McCain in the Wall Street Journal in order to tie President Donald Trump to Russia through Paul Manafort. Here is the March 14, 2008 piece that Simpson co-bylined with Mary Jacoby when McCain was running for president as a Republican.

The Mueller team had to do as much as possible to setup them in a perjury traps in order to indict them because of the integrity and reputation of the DOJ, DBI, DNC, CNN, MSNBC, Fusion GPS, WAPO and CIA and others was at stake. The length of the investigation and the out of context indictments also served to hide DNC apparatus MO , to weaken the presidency, disseminate cannon fodder for the mainstream media and even trying coercing the targeted people to testify against the president. This is why Hillary Clinton’s lawyers was in charge of “defending”, guiding testimony in hearings and postponing Michael Cohen jail time. Mueller activity was also useful in deflecting public attention from the machinations, wiretapping and illegal technology use done by Comey’s FBI, Brennan’s CIA and Clapper’s DNI and their contractors.

Mifsud connection to double agents

The false “Verified Application” request for FISA is probably just the tip of the ice of the collusion. Rod Rosenstein didn’t use the wiretapping on Carter Page as a reason and selected George Papadopoulos set-up as the reason for opening the the Mueller investigation because the Carter Page set-up was more self damaging then the Mifsud double agent plot in a sense that the FISA applications would incriminate Rosenstein himself. This is why the Mueller report which is part of a cover-up for DOJ/FBI officials doesn’t mention the Steele Dossier as a false excuse to get a false “Verified Application” for wiretapping of Carter Page and others. It is also can be inferred that DOJ lwayers including Rod Rosenstein colluded to make Sessions recuse himself so they would be able to continue and call the shots in the DOJ and persecute-prosecute the President supporters.

Connecting the Dots:

If we connect the dots there is a new plausible meaning and explanation on what was Lisa Page “insurance policy”: A collusion between McCabe, Sztrok, Brennan and Comey on using Misfud/Downer setup on papadopolous and the likes, as an excuse for investigating the president and impeaching him.

The American freedoms are a lot better then the rights exiting in Klepto-cracies like China, Russia and Venezuela. But the Mueller report exposes a big unethical problem and infringement of individual liberties. Corrupt Journalists lawmakers, lawyers and investigators in FBI and DOJ can set-up, nail, wiretap and manipulate testimony of any citizen with obstruction traps, FARA traps and perjury traps. The law shouldn’t make room for obstruction allegation if there is no crime to obstruct for.

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